Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Holli - September 30, 2015

Washing Juan's car
Dear everlastingly loving and patient family :)

Today is our pday because we got to go to the temple! So it
moved back a little bit. So we had a pretty long but amazing week here in Arcadia! Sister Bennion got pretty sick earlier in the week but she refused to stay home so we pressed onward. She has the stamina of a horse that girl! (Do horses have lots of stamina?) Anyways, we've been out walking a lot, working on that street contacting thing. We met Robbin sitting down on the side of the road. She had been waiting 
for her daughter. We sat down by her and started talking. Turns out one of her kids passed away and she's had a lot of trials in her life. She believes in Christ but because of her trials her faith is super shaky. She got pretty choked up but we gave her a plan of salvation pamphlet and testified that 
this plan would bring her and her family lots happiness.

We had dinner with an older couple (Brother and Sister Steimle) and they are amazing! They swim like two miles in the pool every other day and Brother Steimle played the Ukulele for us and he has the best voice ever! The other day at church he came up to Morgan and Tyler (newly 
baptized girls) and played Ain't she sweet and I was like, that's my favorite song ahhhh!! Besides Called to Serve of course😉. We also had a great District Meeting this week. Elder Phoompuang (pronounced poom-pong) went like
super in depth into the tree of life story and drew it up on the board. He's from Thailand and his English is slowly progressing but it was just so funny to listen to him describe Lehi's vision. Best re-telling of 1 Nephi 8 ever! On the bus ride there this one guy tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and he wrote a note on this paper asking if we were LDS. He turned out to be deaf but Sister Bennion and I found out he was baptized a while back into a branch out here. 
Kind of cool!

We went to this Street Fair on Friday night because some Sisters in our District go every week and set up a "Mormon table" so we got to use all of our unique dancing skills to try to get people to the table and fill out a survey for a candy. Elder P was the best dancer there and all these people would kind of stop and look at him. The funniest part was this elderly couple were walking along and the grandpa starts
dancing right along with Elder P and he was a very enthusiastic dancer! His poor wife was standing there face palming while he danced.

On Saturday we washed a less active's car so now I am a professional at car washing.  The Stake put on this dinner before General Women's conference so we got to go to that and it was so fun! And the conference was just the bomb! Elder Uchtdorf totally nailed it with his story, and Sister's
Wixom, Reeves, and McConkie did an awesome job as well. So humble and so wise! Unfortunately I caught what Sister Bennion had so I was blowing my nose all throughout the conference. Those poor ladies probably thought someone had let an elephant into the room!

Sunday was pretty awesome. Sister Bennion and I both gave talks and I played I Feel My Savior's Love on the piano for the musical number. We also taught Sunday School so that was pretty fun. Yesterday we stopped by this lady named Roxanne and it was the coolest thing ever. So her
husband is a member but he's super inactive. He has a very time consuming job so his schedule is kind of crazy. She tried meeting with missionaries before and going to church and she loved it. However her family is super Catholic and she felt she couldn't get baptized because of that. Her husband basically said, if you're not going to get baptized, why are you still taking lessons/going to church? So they moved around a bit but finally just returned to Arcadia and have been fixing up their house that had a lot of problems with the pool. So we were talking to Roxanne, and her husband will be out of town for a month because of his job and she told us that the other day she had been thinking about her kids and she has such a strong desire to raise them with good morals and values and so she wants us to come over and teach them about God and Jesus Christ. She said that her kids are asking her all of these questions and she can't answer them so she needs help. Miracle right?

Last night we went over to Sister Leyva's house (her kids Tyler and Morgan just got baptized) and her son Dean (who is baptized but doesn't want much to do with church right now) got terrible heat stroke yesterday so the Elders gave him and Sister Leyva a blessing and it was so powerful and sweet. Gotta love the Priesthood!

I am learning constantly from Sister Bennion. She is the easiest person to get along with.  She truly teaches with the Spirit, something I have to work on every single day. She is so patient and loving and very easy going. She knows how to work with the ward really well and can teach the gospel so simply and powerfully. It's awesome! It was so funny because 
the other night, with the Steimle’s, they were all talking about who she was going to date when she gets home and poor Sister Bennion was getting so red. Partly because her last comp. Sister Thatcher has a brother who she is trying to set her up with. Then the Steimle's were talking about setting her 
up with a grandson. Then they turned to me and said they have a grandson who will get off his mission in about a year and a half and go to BYU. Then MY face started turning red :)

Anyways, that's about all from here in Arcadia. Dad, I found our long lost cousin! Sister McEwan's grandma (Pamelia Dunn) was the sister of William Meguire Dunn. She gave me a bunch of cool papers that prove it so now we call each other cousin. And the coolest part is she is married to a Patriarch who has given 1620 blessings in his lifetime.
Holy crow we are related to cool people! And mom, I'm supposed to ask if you know of an Ezra T. Clark in our family history somewhere? I'm glad to hear Stan is doing a little better! And it sounds like Janie's farewell talk went 
okay too :) I’m so excited for her! Sounds like you had a very fun week mom :) and those homecoming pics were awesome :)  Love you all so much! Have a 
great week!

Love, Sister Dunn

This is from last week when it was raining before mission conference and we had to run to a bus stop. I debated sending it because I look like a goober but I guess that can't be avoided on your mission :)

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