Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Taylor - September 21, 2015

Hey thanks for the email! Wow super shocking news about Stan. He will definitely be in our prayers well as the Thompsons. I hope everything goes well with Brian and Val as well. That is definitely a nasty situation. 

This week was quite good! We really worked hard and loved the people (which elder Keys is a master at)! We again saw miracles near the end of the week! Hermano Davila one of our members gave us this part member family referral and we went and saw them that day. The member is Isidro Diaz who has Parkinson's disease. The wife is basically taking care of him though he is still up and excited as ever. We taught them the restoration and his wife Venus loved it! We invited her to read the Book of Mormon and pray to receive an answer herself. We also committed them to come to church the next day and they said they would. Unfortunately we didn't see them there and we figured out that Isidro is embarrassed and ashamed to go to church because he can't walk very well or talk. So ya we are going to continue to tell him that that doesn't matter and we'll get a member to come and help pump him up! 

We also have Cristian the bishop's son who kinda has just been going to church but not wanting to take the step of baptism.  We walked up to him and asked if there was a time we could stop by and share a message with him and he said "actually guys I was thinking about getting baptized." We were in a little bit of shock but ya we are going to be doing that this Saturday so we are pumped! 

I'm loving the mission and training and district leading. Challenging but fun and a learning experience! Haha I’m also trying to learn to embrace the daily trials we have in the mission, after all they are the best learning experiences! 

Man I just think the mission is flying too fast. I still have so much to learn and not enough time to learn it! Oh and by the way for Lindsay-- I agree with you Mom-- testifying is the most important thing we can do. Without the spirit we cannot do anything and testifying of the truth is the best way to do it. We call it greenie power in this mission, but it's because the greenies are so energized and excited and filled with the spirit (not that the old ones aren't!) and their testimonies are so powerful! So no precupies Lindsay! Anyways Love you guys! Have a great week!

Elder Dunn

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