Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Chelsea - September 21, 2015

I look like a giant in this picture. Oh my goodness. I swear Jessa is nice! She just never smiles in the pictures, even though she’s constantly laughing! 

Look at the tan line people!

Wow another week! So this week, we had to teach about five lessons to Jessa since she is getting baptized this Saturday!! So every day we taught her…Law of Chastity, Word of Wisdom, Law of tithing, etc. I felt so bad cause on Thursday she was kinda out of it. We asked her what was wrong, and I think it was information overload. I do not blame her! I felt so bad! But she is doing so great! She reads the book of Mormon every day and prays all the time and goes to church for the full 3 hours! She is just so amazing and so ready for her baptism! 

So I talked to my first white guy in our area. So we were in Liwayway (town of the drug lords) and we were passing this barbeque party and I see this white guy and I got so excited so we headed down there and I was like HEYY! Where are you from??! Turns out he is from France. He looks about 70 and his wife looks about 20. Typical situation here. He was kinda weird but you know what, I don’t even care! He could speak English so that was fine with me. HAHA and then sister Mariano contacted him and asked if we could share a message with him sometime and it was so great seeing her struggle in english.  But she did fine and we have a return appointment this week! 

So super sad.... So I think about a month ago I told you about the Engaran Family, how their daughter is sending them money to get married so they can get baptized. Well, right after that, nanay couldn’t find the papers of her dead husband, so that was a complication. And then they didn't come to church. And now, its been a month since they have come to church. And whenever we try to visit them, they aren’t home. So Friday, we were able to get over there and we walk up the steps and we hear bawling inside. Tatay then comes out and he’s totally drunk cause he keeps like touching us when he’s talking to us, which he never does. And he was trying to explain what was happening. Apparently, three of their friends were in a tricie, and both of the wheels fell off, and they all died. And one was pregnant. .. so sad. And so both nanay and tatay got drunk. And then nanay came out and waved to us and then just started bawling against the door. Tatay then said, I know, we have sinned. But life is hard right now. Literally, the sadness I felt for them cannot be described. I guess it just shows that when you begin to go off the path just a little, it’s easier to break god’s commandments. Like they didn’t go to church one Sunday, and they said that they would come next week, and then they didn't, and now they started drinking again. So sad.. But we can’t lose faith in them! I saw them active in the church, and I know their potential. So we will visit them again this week. 

So we were in Maria Clara and we literally got punted all day. So we decided to explore a bit. Most of the people we teach are just off the highway so we decided to go inside a little bit. We walked about 20 minutes past rice fields and what not and we finally see this house. And then this guy comes out and starts talking to us about religion. He was so drunk. And then he told us not to go in any farther, because crazy people live more inside. Haha, I was like you are crazy!

So we had two dinner appointments on Saturday in a row. I really wanted to throw up the whole night. We ate so much. And then Sister Mariano just told me after the dinner appointment that I ate pork and blood. So I was mad at her for that. So gross... Also, yesterday, we were in a tricie and there was a live chicken in a bag right next to us. I felt so bad for it. But that's how you buy it here. If you want to buy a live chicken from the market, they put it in a bag with its head and legs sticking out. It’s sad and pathetic. So as we were riding in the tricie, I pet it and I was like it’s okay chicken, trying to give it some comfort. I think he knew his fate haha. 

So pretty much I am so scared for this upcoming week. It is week 11 in training, which means I have to lead the area and all the lessons. Uhhh multiple tears will be shed this week. Also, we have splits on Wednesday with the sister training leaders.  Then we have zone conference the day after all day, then we have Jessa’s baptism on Friday, then we have Rodel’s baptismal interview on Saturday, then we have to teach a seminar to the young women about fashion and modesty, then sister Mariano and I are going on splits on Sunday, which is my first time, and I do not feel confident at all. Oh and then we have a missionary fireside and President Rahlf is coming to our ward to speak. So so many things! Talk about stress! I know these are going to be great learning experiences though and with the help of my Heavenly Father, I will be okay. 

Well that’s about it for this week! Missionary life is good and exhausting but super rewarding! We had three less actives return this sunday so that was a major blessing! Love you all! 

Sister Dunn

My favorite thing in the world! It’s called pandecoco. And it’s just bread and coconut inside. It’s really unfortunate cause the bakery that sells them is right outside our apartment. How am I supposed to stay skinny with that!?

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