Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Taylor - September 14, 2015

Mission Leadership Training
Ok ya a little devastating loss for BSU but hey I'm glad BYU won. Sounds like they did great!  

So this week was good for us! We really worked hard and at the end of the week we were able to see miracles! We found some cool people including Maria who is a catholic but wants to come to church and learn more about the true Church of Jesus Christ! She couldn't make it yesterday but she is excited for this coming up Sunday

Also, we got a referral from the other missionaries who came to church! His name is Cesar and he wants to learn more and is super cool, though he had a hard time finding the chapel! ;). Anyways we are excited to teach him and help him come closer to Christ! 

MLC (Missionary Leadership Counsel) was super good this week and I learned a lot! Usually just the ZL's and STL's go but the DL's got to go this time too! All the training seemed to be exactly what I need to apply to myself and the area! It was just about helping people feel the spirit at the door and testify of the truths of the restoration as well as tie it in to the needs of the people. There was other good stuff but that was the main thing. So we are excited to go out and teach people at the door and help them feel the spirit! 

Elder Keys is doing good, working hard, learning the language pretty good! He's not scared to mess up and talk to people which is awesome! He is definitely getting used to the mission life, and the mission schedule so he's doing awesome! 

The large family is the Mendez family and they are actually two families living in the same house. The unfortunate thing is they speak a little bit of spanish but idk if they can understand it very well because most Guatemalans speak a language called mum. We have a couple members that speak it and we are seeing them tonight to see what we can do. 

The finding is going better and we're still improving on it. I'm trying to get elder Keys to say more but most of the time he feels like he needs to pass it to me because he doesn't know it very well, but when he talks to members he's much more confident! It is a little different and stressing having to do most of the work, planning, updating the area book, getting members to come out with us, setting up appointments, making sure we're 100% obedient, etc. but it's good! 

My last district training was about daily contact with investigators and not letting them drop off the side and helping them progress and setting them with dates. It went well! Luckily I don't have to do District Training this week because we are having Zone Training! The missionaries in my district are great, they really do good work and love the people. Hermana Morrow and Erickson just need to continue to stay positive and excited no matter what happens and realize that some situations they can't control, and Hermana Mahterian and Hutchinson just need to continue to find solid investigators and keep doing what they're doing! 

Well anyways thanks for the awesome emails and I'll talk to you later! :) Love you guys!!

Elder Dunn

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