Sunday, September 13, 2015

Taylor - September 8, 2015

So the week was pretty good! My comp is Elder Keys from Childress, Texas! He's super boss and really wants to help people come to Christ! He's super athletic, likes basketball the most, and is way faster than me! He's super chill and fun! I'm kinda helping him adjust to the mission life because it can be tiring and haha he's always tired! He is working on his Spanish a lot, obviously it just comes with time, and talking and practicing ALL the time! Training does bring back a few memories. It's weird how far I've come but I still have so much I need to work on! 

Felicia kinda dropped though the cracks this week, some of her JW friends came by I guess and took her to church or whatever.  I think she is now scared to be baptized. We visited her and she literally didn't have a reason not to be baptized, she said she knows it's true and that she knows this is how she can become closer to Christ but she doesn't want to do it......kinda sad. But moving on, we got this cool referral from some other missionaries of a Guatemalan family of 10 and they are interested in being baptized and coming to church so we are excited about that! 

Oh man not a fun experience today we were walking inside Walmart to get groceries and this guys battery was dead and asked for help but we said we didn't have jumper cables and apologized. We then kinda got into a conversation and eventually he was telling us how he has studied the Book of Mormon and how it's out there, and how Joseph Smith probably had a little too much cough syrup and he mentioned stuff about Kolob and how it was ridiculous. He invited us to pray and fast because he said he had found the way and he was lost but then he prayed and fasted and the Holy Ghost was guiding him and stuff like that. Huh...... I just get sad when stuff like that happens. We are always asked if we have really studied the Book of Mormon or the Bible and to study it more and stuff like that. I just don't get how people get so lost. 

Anyways, it's crazy how every day goes by faster in the mission, it's awesome! I seriously love the mission! Even when I'm going through trials I just smile and know that God wants to test me a little bit and I'm about to learn a lot faster! 

Oh, to answer your questions about the district. In my district of West Palm Beach, there is Sister Mahterian and her greenie Sister Hutchinson. Sister Mahterian is boss and older than me in the mission, they will do great things together. Palm Beach stayed the same with Sister Morrow and Sister Erickson. Yes, I'm adjusting to the lead. There's a ton of work to do though having someone I'm training, but that's alright! 

Oh by the way couple funny stories haha. My greenie had to go without soap for the week because he forgot to buy some and we didn't have time to get any during the week so that was funny! Also we had to run like four blocks in our suits because we were late to visit some recent converts! Anyways fun stuff! 

I hope BSU does good in the game. Glad to hear that Tanner Mangum is doing good, and his brother apparently! Sounds like you guys had a good week this week. Congrats for Spence on asking someone to homecoming! 

Love you guys and have a great week! Stay safe!

Elder Dunn

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