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Lindsay - August 31, 2015

Arizona is so beautiful!! (for the most part :) haha!

Hey Family!!! How are you? 

This week was definitely a blur!! The week before transfers seems to go by so quickly! On Monday, we taught our investigator Julie. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation. Towards the end of the lesson, she asked about hell, and if we believed in a place called hell. Well I thought so! And apparently that is false doctrine? Maybe? Sister Moe-Tufaga said that it was a state of being. For example, "a hell on earth". So I learned something new! haha:) I was so embarrassed afterwards:) But its ok! I knew that one day I teach would something wrong! But it has helped me to teach it more correctly the next time! :) To be honest, I had a hard time in the morning on Tuesday. I just felt that I couldn't teach well, or correctly, and I decided to study out the Atonement. The studying time that I had truly helped me to rely on my Savior for help. I still don't completely understand the Atonement. But I know enough to express my testimony to others of the reality of the Savior, Jesus Christ. And how he will never leave us alone in this life. He has experienced all of our pains and afflictions, so that he can comfort us. Without him, we wouldn't be able to find our way back to the presence of Heavenly Father. [Note from Chris…I wrote to Lindsay and told her to look up “Hell” in the Bible Dictionary.  I think they both got it right.  What a humbling challenge for these young missionaries to go out and teach!  I so admire their faith and courage!]

On Wednesday, we had our district meeting! We all gathered together as a zone, and had a campfire testimony meeting. (They set up a fake fire:) It was the most spiritual experience of my life. We all went around the room and talked about why we were serving a mission. It was so powerful! We also went to Sister Richardson's house again, and we taught Kathy! ( a former investigator).This lesson was so much more powerful! We had a plan of what we were going to talk about, but we definitely followed the Spirit, and we taught something completely different! It was awesome! On Thursday and Friday we worked on Personal Progress with one of our investigators and her mom. Our investigator Nadine (who is 12), has such a strong and solid testimony of the gospel. I am so glad that we got to work on Personal Progress and how it increases our faith and her faith in the gospel. Friday night we went on exchanges again! I got to be companions with Sister Adams!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! It was the best! So Sister Adams came out with me at the same time, and she was one of my MTC roommates! We were also in the same district together! We are convinced that we will be companions one day! :) haha! So I loved serving with her for a day, and we met with Brother Krogh who is a less active. Sister Gardner ( a ward missionary), came with us! It was amazing! We talked about prayer and scriptures study. He said that we gave him an uplifting boost to come to church. He has recently been having some health problems, so it has been hard for him to come to church. He is such a sweet man, and he truly wants to be better in his life! He said he would start getting into the habit of reading the Book of Mormon, before we even extended the invitation!! Ahhhh! He is golden!  We visited another less active couple and then went to dinner at the Jacksons. They are such a cute couple, and they shared an experience about how they shared the gospel with a Muslim friend! After dinner, we traveled down to the Institute at University of Arizona to un-exchange. Sister Adams and I were literally crying in the car! We seriously have the same personality! We just love talking with each other! And we are big time bawlers!! It is awesome!! 

Anyways..... now to transfer news! I am going to Rincon Stake (combined with East Stake) with Sister Grange!!! We are white washing, which is when two elders/sisters get transferred out of an area, and two new sisters/elders get put in. So Sister Grange and I don't know anything about the area, so we are going to figure it out together! But we call white washing, pink washing for sisters:)  It is a YSA (Young Single Adult) ward which I am totally excited about! But I am definitely going to miss my first area. I was literally crying in the car the other day! The members in both wards are amazing, and they try so hard to be dedicated to their callings! I have loved every minute of being in Northwest Tucson! Anyways, I hope you all have a great week! I love you all! 

Sister Dunn
Sister Adams from my MTC district!!!
Elder Montendon and Elder Waters caught a 
tarantula!!! They named it Shilob from the 
Lord of the Rings. 

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