Friday, September 4, 2015

Taylor - September 1, 2015

Hey Family,

So for transfers Elder Willhite is leaving which I’m sad about,  and I'm staying and training! Ah man it's gonna be crazy and I'm super nervous but pumped! I wonder what the Lord has in store for me!  Most of the zone is staying as well. In my district though West Palm Beach got white washed so both companions are going and new ones are coming in and all are training! So I think they might just bring two elders in to replace the sisters so I won't have a relief society district any more. The ZL's are staying and a lot of people are already training in the zone so ya it should be good! 

Haha ya we were kinda disapointed but at the same time glad that the hurricane didn't hit.  Ummm for the week it was quite interesting. We were helping Felicia our investigator progress towards baptism but she still drinks coffee. So we were trying to help her with that and she's not addicted but sometimes drinks a little bit in the morning. We helped her realize that she can have the spirit with her more and can feel God's light. Then when Sunday came we found out she didn't want to go to church, we didn't know why. So we found out that she was kinda losing her excitement about her baptism and certain things that didn't go her way frustrated her. Like for Stake Conference I think they got her the wrong earphones for translation so she didn't really understand much and things like that. She wanted us to stop coming by. Somehow though with the help of the spirit we were able to help her realize that those things are trials and things satan does to try to stop us. Elder Willhite and I were praying the hardest we ever had during the lesson to be able to bring her the happiness and peace that she needs from the gospel in her life. She agreed to continue and we brought an awesome member over the next day to help solidify and encourage her so she is doing good! Christian we haven't met with recently because he's been busy with school starting etc. It sounds like he needs to actually strive with real intent to find his answer, though I totally understand that it's kinda hard to do that when you are 16. So with my new greenie comp we will be working hard on finding those that want more peace and happiness in their lives and we are especially going to work with the ward to accomplish that! 

Hmm random facts section: We went to this place called gordo burger during the week. It's a 2000 calorie burger, I will send you pics next week. It was pretty good! Also Elder Willhite and I gave talks for the first time in sacrament meeting here! It  went really well! Mine was about 8 minutes and haha elder willhite's was like 15, he did super good! On the bright side it only took me like an hour to create my talk so I was proud of that! Thanks for all the updates on missions and how the ward is doing! Cool story with Sister Young! That's a cool missionary experience! I'm glad Preston and Trevor are going on missions! Haha and nice boating story dad with the Priests and Teachers. I remember when we were at the last family reunion and Max and I stayed on the tubes forever and so the next day we thought we were big shots and then you threw us off in like the first 5 seconds... good times ;)  Anyways I think that's all but I love you guys. Be safe! See ya!

Elder Dunn

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