Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Taylor - November 16, 2015

I'm holding my comp Elder Keys on my shoulders


Sounds like you had a busy week Mom.  So you get to decorate for the Ward Christmas Party?  I remember one time long ago when you sent me outside in the freezing cold to gather some pine cones for decor, yep good times :) Well good luck with that one! Wow I can't believe Stan and Ralynne were married. What a miracle! I'm glad they are doing well! Man that's a fun experience for Sam…not! Glad he's okay though! Oh man you'll have to send  pictures of the Christmas lights so I can see if you did anything new ;) Wow, Jess Hansen is getting wrecked, but I'm glad he's still doing good and hangin in there! I didn't know Mackenzie Kerr was going to the same mission as Lindsay, hmm I must have forgot but that will be cool! 

So this week was really good as we utilized the members, we had a lot of FHE's and are planning on having one tonight! It's really helping our members get involved and our investigators to continue to feel the awesome spirit from the members and help them to feel welcome at the church. We got some good referrals from members especially Hermana Cuparo who is from Uruguay! She definitely has an Uruguayan accent and they drink mate,  which I remember trying when Jordan Thompson gave that little presentation for mutual! Anyways, we are working hard with the members to get their friends to church and feel the light of the gospel! 

We do need to do better on our part at finding on our own. We are knocking each day diligently but don't seem to be finding anyone who is ready to accept the message. We really want to implement teaching more while finding by making sure we are carrying a Book of Mormon as we knock and opening our mouths to really testify of it! The Book of Mormon is something they really focused on in zone training and so we are going to implement that! If we can help people gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon, everything else just falls into place! 
Oh ya I don't have to do district training this week because we have zone conferences which should be good. I'm pretty excited! Oh man and transfers are coming up, I wonder if I'll stay or leave! 

Oh ya I got the birthday letter from Mike and Catherine.  It was funny.  I think Mike took a good amount of time drawing a big bed bug ;) 

The picture I sent was from a zone activity.  We had a pumpkin pie eating contest, played smash face, and we had a paint war, it was pretty fun! Anyways, that's about all but we're excited for the week to continue to do the Lord's work! Love you guys!

Elder Dunn

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