Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lindsay - November 2, 2015

Hello everyone! How are you all? This week was amazing! Sister Grange and I worked so hard, and we had fun doing it! :) On Wednesday we had the most amazing district meeting! We talked about diligence and obedience. Sister Grange gave an awesome training on diligence! We talked about 1st Nephi 3 and talked about each verse and how Nephi was diligent. It is amazing when you dissect a chapter of scripture, and the amazing things that stick out to you! The thing that stood out to me was that even though Nephi failed to get the plates 2 times, he knew that he had to accomplish the thing which the Lord commanded him to do. He was so diligent, and even though he failed, he got back up and tried again! And the Lord blessed him! I think that in our lives, if we fail at something we are tempted to give up. I know that Satan is trying to keep us from trying again because he knows that we have the potential to have an awesome spiritual experience if we do try again! We just need to trust in God and know that something good will come out of our diligent actions. 

On Thursday we went to go and teach Ruby who is our new investigator! She has met with the missionaries before, but we don't know what happened. Her desire to be baptized isn't really there, and she is a little off, if you know what I mean! She has a really hard time comprehending what we say, and so I believe that she is pretty set in her ways. When we asked her about her day she responded by saying that she watched movies all day. Wow! So it has been really hard for us to teach  her, because she doesn't seem like she wants to change. Her family's religion is the one she clings to, and apparently she doesn't know too much about it cause she doesn't practice it! But since her family is involved, she kind of is involved. We were really bold with her, and I felt the spirit so strongly! We were pretty much pouring out our souls to her, and I felt the spirit like a brick. But every time we would finish, she would shrug her shoulders and say, "I already have been baptized multiple times." We explained the priesthood power many times, and with boldness, but she just doesn't get it! Sister Grange and I want the gospel to be a part of her life so bad! But I know that she is in a state of laziness and not wanting to do anything with her life. She used to have a job, but she quit. And so she doesn't do much. It is so hard to help people to change when they don't want to, or they are afraid. Because she told us she is afraid that God will tell her to change. But we are still working on her! And I know someday she will get there! 

On Friday Sister Grange took me to a Mexican fast food restaurant  to get a Sonoran dog! They homemake their hot dog buns, put a hotdog wrapped in bacon on the bun, put mayo, mustard, tomato, onion, and jalapeƱo sauce on top! It was the most amazing thing I have ever tasted! Spence, I'm tellin you buddy, you would love a Sonoran dog so much! And then Sister Grange took me to get a raspado. They have different flavorings; I chose pecan. Then they put shave ice, a scoop of ice cream, and then pour sweetened condensed milk all over it! Soooo good! 

On Saturday, which was Halloween, our mission president told us not to go tract-or- treating!  It was hard to do a lot, but we tried a lot of people! But thank goodness we weekly planned that night! It would have been so hard to get a hold of people, especially in a YSA ward on Halloween night! 

On Sunday 3 of our investigators came to church, and 2 of our recent converts invited a nonmember family member and nonmember friend to Church!!!! I seriously love this ward!!! There is so much potential in our investigators! Michael, one of our new investigators said that he felt something that he couldn't explain!!  Sister Grange was flipping out with joy! Sister Grange was bouncing off the walls! Not that I wasn't, but I was literally in a state of shock and speechlessness. Even though it has been really hard to have this area really progress, slowly but surely it has! And we witness miracles every week! I am so happy, and so glad to be here in Tucson! I hope you all had an awesome Halloween! I love you all!  

Sister Dunn

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