Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Taylor - November 2, 2015

Hey! The week was good We were able to find some cool people knocking and opening our mouths constantly as well as find some part member families through referrals and miracles! Unfortunately we weren't able to get all of them to church and so that's something we are going to work on! 

We miraculously ran into one part member family that had recently moved from New Jersey. We were talking to them and we were going to say a prayer with them but then we figured out she was a member.  Kind of awkward but super cool at the same time! We are excited to work with the husband who isn't a member! Hooray for eternal families! :) We are going to get even more members out with us to make sure with their help the people we are teaching can come to church and have friends there! 

The District Leader thing is going good but I can definitely relate to you mom where sometimes I'm ready to go and I feel good about it and sometimes where I just don't know if the training helped that much or not. It's definitely a process though to continually progress and get better! 

Oh ya about the bedbugs don't worry we threw out the mattress and box spring and now we have a steamer and they also sprayed so it's definitely better now! 

For the DPA (Doctrine, Principle, Application) it's just hard because we have to tie it into a role play so they can apply it in their daily missionary work.  Sometimes I just overthink it but I'm getting better! 

Oh Domingo passed the sacrament and shared his testimony on Sunday. He is so solid! Also we had a little missionary work fireside (noche fogonera) in our ward which was super cool and we are excited to get the members ever more pumped for missionary work and teach them how to do it better :) 

Oh man another trailer for Star Wars! It's going to be so epic! Those Boise State helmets are super sick by the way.  My comps are all in agreement! The Halloween activity looked super fun. Thanks for all the pics. They were great! Ya Bro. Hansen is the best! Looks like Jess is doing well. He pulled off wolverine pretty well! That's really not fun with Jill breaking her elbow and losing her dog. I hope she gets better and hopefully can turn to the Lord in her times of trial. Man Spence is just partying it up. As long as he has good friends though I'm content. 

Anyways that's about all i've got but thanks so much for the emails. Love you guys! Oh and thanks so much for the Halloween package it was totally unexpected but we loved it! :) Bye!  

Elder Dunn

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