Saturday, December 3, 2016

Chelsea - November 21, 2016

Birthday lunch! Job, Ako, Tatay Johnny and Raviyah! 

Isn't this gorgeous! Sister Atutubo and I were walking by this the other day
and this girl got proposed to on the top. It was so cute!
Hi po!
This week has been such an amazing one filled with so many miracles!! I think I talked about Lunabelle in my last letter. Well we ended up teaching her and her husband this week and it went really well. We asked them to pray to know if our message is true and so they prayed together and both felt like this was the truth and brother was way more interested in joining the church! And they came to church yesterday! Wooh!! People were so shocked cause its so rare to see a family come to church! We are so excited for their upcoming baptism on December 17th!

 Bro. Darwin is also doing great. So we taught him on Tuesday and he was smoking 4 cigarettes and we were like, try to get down to fewer this week. We came back on Thursday and he had only smoked 1 that day! We then challenged him to completely stop on Sunday so his baptism will continue. And he totally did and is doing great! What a miracle! He's also way more involved in the classes at church and really listens and we are just loving watching his progress! We are also teaching the sister of ricson, he just left for his mission. His sister and mom aren't yet mormon and so we are starting to teach them! The other sisters are teaching his mom and we are teaching tin tin, his sister. She is really awesome and she told us that God answered her prayer and she feels really good about this church! So her baptism will be on Dec 24! We also had 7 investigators come to church this week! It's so sad that I'll be leaving in 2 weeks and I won't be able to witness their baptisms but I'm so grateful to have been part of their journey coming closer unto Christ and the chance I got to get to know them and help them to accept the gospel :) 

We had 2 community service projects this week. One we washed dishes in the pouring rain haha and the other we cleaned up this members yard and it was also pouring rain and so we were basically just scooping up mud and leaves and putting it in a pile. haha fun! On that saturday, we had my birthday lunch at tatay Johnny's! He made me adobo which is pork and soy sauce, and pinakbet which is squash, egglplant, okra, and green beans! After that, Raviyah had her baptismal interview and she passed and so we are looking forward to her baptism this Saturday! 

Other moments of the week, I ate eel for the first time and it was actually pretty good! I mean it was kinda slimy but the taste was awesome! Also, our neighbors in front of us killed their dog and ate it this week. And what was unfortunate is that our study room is right in front of their house and so I had to watch them burn the dog! It was a horrifying moment.... anyways, that was my week! Love you all and I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving! 

Sister Dunn

Note from Chris.....Sorry for her sometimes raw and disturbing details.  I always think about editing some of it out.  I asked her if that family ate their dog because they had no other food.  She said, "No they just like dog." Hmmm....that didn't make me feel better :(

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