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Lindsay - October 31, 2016

Our District!!!

Hello Everyone! Happy Halloween!!! :)

This week was awesome! On Monday we met with our investigator named James. He lives in Tucson, and he was in Pomerene for a couple of weeks, so we started teaching him. Now that he is back in Tucson, the other sisters will teach him. The Spirit is truly working on him, and he
knows it! He said that he used to be a bitter and hateful person, but now since he has embraced the gospel, he is happier, and more positive!!! It is so cool! I love the Holy Ghost! 

On Tuesday, we went on exchanges with the Sierra Vista sisters, and Sister Ray came to
Pomerene with me. She was awesome! We had a great day of teaching! We met with Jayci again and we taught her about keeping the 10 commandments, and following the prophet. Then we invited her to church because she hadn't been in a few weeks. Later that night, we met with
a less active named Illa Mae. Brother Johnson didn't have a home teaching companion that night, and so he invited us to come with him! It was really cool! She hasn't let missionaries into her home, but she was comfortable with Brother Johnson, so she let us in! 

On Wednesday, we had a great district meeting! We talked about receiving revelation through church attendance, and we had a great discussion on it. We brought up concerns that we have been having about helping our less actives see the importance of consistent church attendance. 
We were also able to receive revelation on how we could help others to understand the importance of church attendance.

 On Thursday we went on another exchange. Sister Benson came with me in Pomerene, and we
taught a lot of people! Oh my goodness, Sister Benson is such a good teacher, and she adapts really well to teaching with a different sister for a day! During the day we decided to try a potential, and for some reason I got a prompting to go see this less active named Christa. We actually had a really good lesson with her. We taught her the Plan of Salvation, and we were able to see where her desires were, and what she wants for her family. We also had an amazing lesson with
our investigator Brittany. One of her best friends came to the lesson, and she related to Brittany so well! The Spirit was so strong, it was so powerful!

 On Saturday, we met with Justin and Amy. They are married, but they were struggling that day; relationship wise and so we talked about obedience, and their goals for the future. We were
pretty bold with them about helping each other to be able to attain the goal of going to the temple. We invited them to come to church, and they said that they would! That night we also saw Kelly, a less active.  She was struggling with her faith, and she didn't feel loved. We had a powerful discussion about prayer, and how we can know all things through God. We also talked about being positive, and how if we are grateful for the little things, and choose to be happy, we will be

On Sunday our investigator James came to church!! Before, he refused to come to church, but the Spirit worked on him! Heck yeah!!! I love the Spirit! So Justin and Amy didn't come to church..... We were pretty bummed about that. We even called them before church, and Justin said he had to do some service project for this older lady, that he was supposed to do on Saturday. We were sad! But as missionaries we can't control their agency! That is definitely a hard thing about a mission. But I do know, that God loves each of his missionaries, and that he loves us for our efforts, and for our persistence. We will all be blessed in the end! We might not see the blessings now, but our hard work will pay off! I love you all, and I hope you have a great week! Oh I forgot about transfer news! Sister Handy is going to Safford in my old area!!! And I will be getting Sister Beach! I will be training her to be an STL!! I am so excited!!


Sister Dunn

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