Saturday, December 3, 2016

Holli - November 28, 2016

Exchanges with Hermana Beur!

Love my birthday brownie in a mug Mom!

Hello Everyone!!

Sounds like you all had a wonderful thanksgiving week :) We had a
pretty awesome week as well!

On Thanksgiving we had our district meeting and our District leader
gave us each a penny, told us to look on the penny for the year it was
made, and then tell the district something we were grateful for that
year. I got back in 2010 and I have troubles remembering what happened
yesterday, but we all shared experiences and things we were
grateful for and it was a very spiritual meeting!

We were also able to find a place to do service - we just walked into
this convalescent home and asked if we could do service and they let
us play the piano and sing for a few of the residents. It was way fun!
We had dinner at the Boices' home (she is the ward missionary who sent
you the pic.) and they are like the coolest family ever. We had soo
much fun and learned a new game which I'll have to teach you when I
get back.

That morning the ward had a field day where they played ultimate
frisbee and stuff and one of our investigators came so that was pretty
awesome! That same day the hermanas had found this really sweet lady
named Gina and had asked if she would like to meet with us and so we
had an appointment with her at starbucks but she never showed up! So
we bought some hot chocolate and while we were waiting were able to
talk to Manny who knows a little bit about the church but is going
through a rough patch. It was really cool to talk to him.

Haha so yesterday morning as we were preparing for church, Hermana
Shaw (one of the spanish hermanas we live with) had cut her hand on a
razor the night before and it wouldn't stop bleeding so she had stuck
a cotton ball in there to staunch the flow of blood, wrapped it in
gauze and then it was time for bed. She wakes up and takes the gauze
off only to find that the cotton ball is stuck in the wound and won't
come out. Their ward started at 9 and we had our ward council soon so
we made an emergency decision and I went with Sister Coulsen to the
spanish ward while Sister Barney and Sister Shaw made a trip to urgent
care to get her wound fixed. So I spent the morning in spanish work
which was a blast and then we had to teach gospel principles so we did
that and near the end of church Sister Barney and Sister Shaw show up
with her hand all wrapped up and doing well.

So hectic! And like everyone was sick this week so not many people
were at church unfortunately! Super sad :( But we are working hard and
loving the work!

I went on two exchanges this week, both to spanish speaking areas so
that was fun! I was with Hermana Wilde one day and they had a gas leak
in their oven that caused them both to get pretty sick so while we
were on exchanges some elders came in to fix that problem. The second
exchange was with Hermana Beur and we were on bikes which was super
fun. The not so fun part was that it started pouring super hard and
Hermana Beur did not have a jacket! 

So we got soaked but had a fun day altogether! We saw lots of
miracles. We tried to find a potential but she wasn't home and her
next door neighbor invites us in out of the rain and we were able to
teach the Restoration to him and his step daughters. Cool thing was
that he remembers being taught by missionaries in Mexico a long time

That's about it from here in Azusa!  Love you all so much! Have
a great week :)

Love, Sister Dunn

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