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Holli - October 31, 2016

Guess who came to visit??  Elder Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve and his wife!

Transfer Day!

The District
October 31, 2016

Hello Everyone!!

May I just say we had an awesome last week in Glendale. It was so cool!

We saw Heidi and Tyler once this week. They are super sweet but are very involved in their church. However we taught briefly about the Restoration and Plan of Salvation. The Mayers helped us out and the Spirit was so strong - even though their combined three kids were playing with all of the toys :) They believe that the great apostasy hasn't happened yet - that it is still in the process of happening and that the second coming of Christ is technically the Restoration. How grateful I am that God has already brought forth His restored gospel so we can prepare ourselves before the coming of Christ!

Hana is pretty much set to be baptized! She wants her boyfriend Sam to baptize her and will be gone for a bit so we are shooting for January! We had a wonderful lesson with her last night and Bishop asked her to give the closing prayer and she broke down in tears of happiness and
gratitude for the gospel. She is super excited to be a member of the church and wants to serve in the primary haha. I used you a lot as an example dad :)

Adrian (Kim's roommate - Kim is returning back to church) is like the In one day he had finished first Nephi. By our second lesson he was 3/4 of he way done with second Nephi. He even wrote down some verses he likes. And he had no religious background!! It is so cool!! So he and Kim came to church today and loved it - he is doing great. Seriously golden investigator.

So our car had to be taken into the shop because it had some engine troubles. And it stayed there for a few days so Sister Hobbs and I "walked and walked and walked and walked .. . And walked!" But we got to work on our street contacting skills so that was sweet.

One night we did a split and I went with Sister Knight to help some missionaries serving in another area find people to teach (we call it a blitz) and she was so nervous! Haha, she thought we were going to a lesson, not doing actual missionary door knocking work. But she did great and we saw many miracles! We talked to this mother and shared our brief message with her and she said their neighbors a few doors down kept inviting her son to come to church but they just never
got to it. As we shared our message with her, her heart seemed to soften and she expressed a great desire to go to church. We left and walked over to the family and expressed our thanks to them for reaching out and of the family's desire to come to church. The father asked for a Book of Mormon to share with the family and said they would keep following up. So cool!!

We went to stop by a referral one night and they weren't super interested so we asked them if they knew any young families that would like to come to our Ward trunk or treat and they pointed us to their neighbors and it was soooo cool! So turns out this apartment here is a family but it's also like the kids hang out - all the kids come to hang out there and they also do like a little religion school where kids can come and learn about religion and share their beliefs and stuff. So we asked if we could say a prayer as we were leaving. The dad said yep! So we all sat down and there were 4 kids there and two of them shared their prayers. One did the Lord's Prayer and the other did another recited one and it was so sweet, genuine, and sincere. One of the other girls said she didn't have a prayer so we asked if we could pray and the Spirit was super strong! It was a really cool 

We had the Trunk or Treat Saturday night which was a blast. Adrian came and helped us with a carnival game involving glow sticks and we decorated our car with little hand made spiders and handed out pass along cards with jolly ranchers taped to them. So funny the looks on some of the kids faces but so worth it! Anything for the Savior!

We ran into this super sweet family the other night. They were actually a referral from other missionaries. We first met Laysha who is a teenage daughter and showed her a video about our divine identity and it was so cool :) Then we stopped by for our return appointment but the house was so dark. Just as we leave a car pulls up and this guy steps out. Turns out that it was Laysh's dad and his whole family stayed in the car, telling him to go talk to us. Haha he kept telling
us they were super tired and wanted to go to bed but we were able to chat with him a bit and eventually the whole family came out and we were able to teach them a bit about the plan of salvation and encourage them to pray as a family. So fun!

So we had some awesome visitors come on Saturday morning. Sister Renlund was in town for some sort of Lawyer Award Ceremony (she is a lawyer) and the Bishop of the MSA Ward knows her and asked her to come give a devotional to the MSA kids. So she agreed and did a little morning side. This wasn't really widely known so only about thirty kids showed up but we got to go and guess who else decided to join her?? Elder Renlund! 

Transfer news last but not least : I will be transferred to Azusa and am back with Sister Barney. We are super excited! We are still Sister Training Leaders :)

Love you all! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Dunn

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