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Lindsay - November 7, 2016

Sister Beach and I!!!

Hello Everyone!!! 

This week was crazy but good! My new companion Sister Beach is amazing! She is from Tacoma, Washington and she has been out for 9 months. She is so enthusiastic about missionary work and the scriptures, and I love it! 

On Tuesday we met with a less active named Christa. She has a hard time understanding the scriptures, so we read 3rd Nephi Chapter 11 with her. We had a good discussion about it! She is also having her baby blessed next Sunday, so she is really excited about that! We also met with the Wrights that night. The wife has been a recent convert for a year, and the husband is a less active member. We had a really good discussion with them about obedience. The wife has a hard time with the word of wisdom, and told us that coffee is the least of our worries, and we should just focus on avoiding drugs. Dang it Satan, you are terrible! So we are going to focus on helping them understand that the reason why we keep the commandments is so we can have the Spirit to be with us more strongly.

On Wednesday we had an awesome district meeting with our new district leader Elder Hansen. We talked about contacting referrals, and we definitely need to improve on that! We also taught our investigator Kairi. Her mom thinks she is too young to be baptized, so we are just teaching her the lessons, and praying that the Spirit will soften the mother's heart. 

On Thursday we had our first lesson with our two new investigators Terri and Mina! Terri is a granddaughter of a less active in the Ward, and she is working to adopt Mina! Terri has been seeking to draw closer to God and His son, and it is amazing! She told us that we radiate with light, and that she wants that back in her life! It is truly a miracle that we met them and we are teaching them!

On Friday, we went to MLC, and we had some great trainings given by President Passey and the Assistants. Hermana Kerr, and Elder Nielson are still in leadership with me, so it's nice to have Eagle Stake missionaries serving with me! :) We had a training on helping our investigators receive revelation through prayer. I needed that training so bad! The Assistants helped us to improve in inviting the head of the household to pray. There are so many things to improve on!  But it is great because we become stronger and more effective!

On Saturday, we attended a baptism, and gave a 5 minute teaching moment after the baptism. We testified of the Book of Mormon and shared a Mormon message about the Book of Mormon. It was such a powerful experience! 

On Sunday, we had such a great Sabbath! I bore my testimony, which the Spirit leads me to do every Fast Sunday! :) At the end of the night, we visited this less active who has been struggling to come to church. We asked her if she was praying and reading the scriptures, and she told us that she was. It was really hard to help her, because every time we tried to encourage her to do things, she would tell us that she was already doing it...... Which she wasn't. So that was tough! I have definitely learned something about the people that I have taught in this area, and throughout the mission! We can't take away their agency! In the end it is up to them. All we can do is help them to have the Spirit.

And also, in Walmart today, an older lady said hello to us and said, "Sisters, give them heaven!" We definitely do that as missionaries! I love you all! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true everyone!


Sister Dunn

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