Saturday, December 3, 2016

Chelsea - October 31, 2016

Manzano and Gepasin families in Guribang! Got to go back and teach them again! 

Back where I started in Diffun!

Hi everyone! 

Happy Halloween!! Hope you have a great holiday :) Tomorrow is all souls day in the Philippines where everyone is at the cemetery all day! We hope we get at least 1 lesson tomorrow! haha. 

So this week was a very interesting one! Basically we are still in Diffun! We asked the sisters what they needed help with and basically they gave us a couple recent converts that haven't been retaught and a couple less actives. The only thing is that they are in the farthest area and so we have been walking like no other! My body has never been this sore in my life haha, but it's definitely been an adventure, let's just say that! 

So update on Enrile: we got power back!! Well just the houses on the highway, but that includes ours! We are soooo ready to go back and have an actual area and be effective! Unfortunately, there is a mission tour this week so we have to wait until after that to go back... hopefully on Saturday we will be able to go back! And especially because Johanna's baptism will be on Saturday!! Also, Sister Kjar is training her anak, sister fielding! Both Americans! And sister caduada won't leave for the provo mtc until december so they are a trisome! It's been so fun to see them though on p day and we are looking forward to being kabahays again! 

So on Tuesday, the sisters let us go work in Guribang for a couple hours and I got to see all the members (less active) there so that was fun! On Wednesday we went to an area called Ricarte norte and it was about a 30 minute tricie drive there and we taught a new investigator and then we had to walk all the way back which took us a good 2 hours! haha.

On Thursday we went to the hospital and on Friday I was sooo sick. I had a reaction to the medication they put me on. On Saturday we went back to the hospital and the new medication seems to be working. So ya that was our week! We had a really cool lesson though on saturday with Marilou. She was one of our fellowshippers when I was in Diffun last year. She's only 16 years old and when we came back last week, we found out that she already has a baby.. I was so surprised and sad to hear that, but we were able to visit her on Saturday. You can definitely tell she's a little scared. Her boyfriend is all the way in Tugue working and so basically she's all alone. We were able to share about prayer and how that will be a big source of help to her as she raises this baby and goes through life. And that as she starts praying with her baby every night, that as he grows up he will follow her example. I just hope that she will continue to stay active in the church so that she will be guided always!

Love you all, have a great week :) 

Sister Dunn

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