Saturday, December 3, 2016

Chelsea - November 28, 2016

So this week has been pretty interesting! I'll start with the positive! haha. So we've had this investigator ever since august and he's been kind of progressing but has never gone to church yet. This week we taught him and he had read Alma 40-43 and he was like sister, when I was reading this, the words just popped out at me and I just felt something different! He loved reading about the resurrection! We then taught him about resurrection, judgement and the three kingdoms. After we were done teaching he said that he finally realized our purpose as missionaries is to help all God's children know the gospel so they can all return back to Him as a family. We were so amazed! Never has any investigator said that before! And guess what, he came to church yesterday for the first time and he's so excited for his baptism on December 24!! 

Bro Ventura finally committed to a date people! It's a miracle! We were just straight up bold with him and he finally accepted and now he will be baptized on Dec 17! 

On Saturday we got to see Raviyah's baptism! Man it took a lot of work to get her to this point but we were so happy to see her make this covenant with the Lord and we hope she will continue learning and growing in the gospel!! Tatay Johnny baptized her and confirmed her and he did a great job!! It was his first time confirming someone! :)

Haha funniest thing ever. We were walking down the street in our area one day and this guy comes out like four doors down with this huge knife and is screaming his head off and points it at a bunch of these kids. Obviously he was drunk so I was like ok, let's slowly turn around so we don't get killed and walk the other way, and then sister atutubo just books it and runs for her life and I was like way to make it obvious!! haha so the guy totally turns around and looks at us and I thought oh my gosh we're gonna get killed!! Luckily someone came out and controlled him! Funniest thing ever! 

A sad thing happened, a girl in our district, Sister Golong, had to go to manila yesterday. She spilled boiling water over her lower abdomen and it was a third degree burn... she was in my batch going home so her mission is now over. We went and visited her and man!! it's a blessing though that she only had about 2 weeks left in her mission though. The other thing that happened this week...we were walking in our area on a Thursday night and we were on this really dark street and we hear this motorcycle coming and I look back and he didn't have a headlight and so I take the flashlight and shine it around me and sister atutubo so he knows we are there. I had a feeling I should move over, so I got to the edge of the street and Sister Atutubo started to do the same but it was too late because the motorcycle totally hit her. Yes, I freaked out. The guy totally crashed his motor too and I thought he was dead and I was like oh my gosh!! Sister atutubo was ok, her arm, back, and leg got hit pretty bad though. The guy totally got up right after, got on his motor, and rode away! He probably didn't have a license or something and didn't want to get caught. So I took sister Atutubo to the hospital, thank goodness she didn't have a broken bone! But she was bruised up so bad and she could barely walk. We weren't able to work on Friday or Saturday at all. :( but she's doing better! 

As for me haha so monday through friday I was having a ton of diarrhea, high fever, didn't want to eat at all, sore body, etc. and so I texted sister hiatt and she just said it was the flu and so I just tried to work it off but man it got bad. Then Sister fielding got it on Tuesday and Sister caduada on Wednesday. Haha we would literally fight over the bathroom in the morning because we were all dying. The nights were literally the worst and we all wanted to die. So finally on friday, the hiatts come to our apartment to check on sister atutubo and we were like sister hiatt, this is not the flu. So me, sis fielding and sis caduada all go to the hospital and have to take a blood and poop test! hahaha there are definitely some funny stories there. Definitely bonded with those girls! They found out that we have amoeba!!! We were like... great. The doctor gave us an option if we wanted to be confined in the hospital or just take all this medicine and we chose the medicine. We were just so dehydrated. So after a day of taking the medicine, sister fielding throws up. And then the next night I throw up. And then at church sister caduada threw up, but it was worse for her because literally she couldn't stop throwing up and so they rushed her to the hospital yesterday and it turns out she has a stomach infection! sister fielding and I are slowly recovering. Still experiencing some stomach issues and I can barely eat anything without getting full. haha but we are doing better! Anyways that's the story! Love you all! So excited for this next week of serving the Lord and doing my best to share his gospel! Hopefully no sicknesses! 


Sister Dunn

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