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Chelsea - November 7, 2016

Zone Conference!

This is what happens when we go to the barbeque stand and we can't stop ourselves because it's so delicious! I got the recipe people so I will be making it when I get home! 

Beautiful Philippines!

Hello po sa lahat :) 

This week was another crazy one! But good news, we just got home! It feels sooo good to be back in Tugue!!! We are so excited to get started where we left off with our investigators and are so excited to work in the area! 

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to attend our zone conference with Elder and Sister Schmutz! Man, i received so much revelation during that meeting! The spirit was soo strong and I definitely feel the whole mission was uplifted. One of the major themes was repentance. President and Sister Hiatt spoke first and man, it was harsh but I really felt like the mission needed to hear it. They just pretty much called everyone to repentance and they were super blunt about it but it was great! I think all of us as missionaries all received revelation of the little things that we are doing that we need to stop or the things we can improve on. It was just a really great conference. I also really liked what Elder Schmutz said about striving. He said that usually when he asks missionaries how their obedience is, that they would always say, I'm striving president! Basically, he talked about how striving can really be used in a negative way, it pretty much means, I'm not really obedient, but I'm trying! He said, you made the covenant when you were baptized to be obedient to the commandments, when you became a missionary to follow the mission rules and when you entered the temple and covenanted to be obedient. We willingly made these covenants with God and we should follow them with exactness! Never say I'm striving, but always say yes, I'm exactly obedient! "Just do it!" I really loved that! He also talked a lot about the doctrine of Christ and what are the things that are important for an investigator to understand before they are baptized. Learned  a lot and ready to apply!

Sunday was really great! Last day in Diffun! It was fast and testimony meeting and Jessa my recent convert got up for the first time and it was like the sweetest thing! It's been so fun to have been able to see her growth, especially as she was able to bear her testimony. She's such a strong one. All of her sisters were baptized during the time of sister balaoing, but they never come with her. So she still goes by herself but she is strong! I just love that girl!

So ya that was the week! Haha have to leave with a funny story. So we were in relief society and I was sitting by this old lady named nanay namnama haha she's so cute. And the topic was about prayer and how we shouldn't keep saying father over and over again, and also the word sana, which means hopefully. She turned to me and was like, I can't stand when people do that! It drives me crazy! The funniest thing was that a certain sister was called to give the closing prayer and she kept saying ama (father) even though we just had the lesson hahahaa. Every time she said it, nanay namnam kept tapping her leg against mine haha. After the prayer she just looked at me and held up four fingers and was like she said it 4 times!! hahaha man I love the filipino people! 

That's about it for the week everyone. I love you all and I love the gospel! Mahal ko po kayo 

Sister Dunn

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