Saturday, December 3, 2016

Holli - November 14, 2016

Sister Barney and I with roommates Sister Shaw and Sister Coulson
Marathon Service!

Hello Everyone!

We had a pretty cool week this week :)

We were walking to this dinner appointment and met Ariana who is super

cool. She is a young mom and her little baby's name is Noah :) haha

and it's a girl! We thought that was pretty unique. But she wants to

learn more so we're excited to start teaching her.

We did a lot of service this week! There was a big marathon here in

Azusa and we got to volunteer there for a bit. It was so fun to see

members from all over the US come to participate in the race as well

as everybody else. Haha, we got a lot of mixed emotions when we asked

how it went. Needless to say, many people were a little sore


We also were able to help this member (Kevin) clear out some things

for his parents who are not members. That was pretty exciting! And

super dusty - but we made it through!

We had a few of our investigators come to church today! It was so

great to see them come :) Maria and her mom Veronica came with Maria's

little daughter Mia :) and had a great time. We extended a date to

Veronica to get baptized and she accepted. They are both excited to

come next week as well. Such a great family :) Your prayers were

definitely felt this week, thank you!

We cover the Claremont sisters so I got to go back to my old area this

week and help them with a blitz! They are really struggling to find

but they have one person on date and are keeping positive!

That's about it from here in Azusa! Love you all so much - thank you

for your support (and birthday wishes haha)

Love, Sister Dunn

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