Saturday, December 3, 2016

Holli - November 21, 2016

Hello Everyone!

We had a great week here in Azusa!

One day we had stopped by to visit a less active but she was not home
and as we were leaving we met Jericha. She and her daughter Jacey had
moved from Florida last year to just get a new start and we introduced
them to the Book of Mormon. As we talked about the Savior Jericha
started to open up a bit. She had grown up baptist but hadn't been for
a while and was grateful for the Book of Mormon. She had never
researched our religion so she was excited to start. It was a mini
miracle for sure.

One night we went over to our investigator Nichole's home. She and her
family have been under a lot of stress and we asked her husband Craig
if he would like a priesthood blessing. He has been undergoing a lot
of back problems. He agreed so two members of our ward came over and
gave Craig, Nichole, and their little baby Roslyn a blessing. There
were like five kids in that small apartment at the same time and they
were pretty rambunctious but despite the distractions the Spirit was
very strong.

I had a wonderful birthday! Our zone did a blitz in the morning in one
of the elders' areas and we had lunch after. The ward bought pizza and
then the zone surprised me by having a beautiful sign, balloons and
about fifty cupcakes. They sang happy birthday twice - I did get a few
pics. - and it was way fun. We were on exchanges that day as well so
Sister Briscoe and I rocked it here in Azusa. It was a really fun day
:) Thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes!! So appreciated.

We had an exchange earlier in the week with another set of sisters
which was fun. We had a couple of amazing lessons and great miracles
happened! Haha, we were trying to search for a former investigator but
it ended up being a members home that we stumbled into and it was
ginormous and they were redoing their floors - to tile! So they gave
us a bit of a tour and we started to talk to the daughter and asked if
she knew anyone who would like to learn from the missionaries. She
told us about her friend, whose dad was a member but the mom was not
and she had wanted to give her friend a Book of Mormon. So we pulled
one out and slapped it on the counter and challenged her to give it to
her friend... when her phone rings. She looks and it's her friend, face
timing her! Haha so she answers and is like, "Guess who I'm with right
now? And I have a present for you!" So cute! Her friend answered "I've
been wondering when I was going to get one of those. I've been waiting
for ever!" So cool!

On Wednesday we volunteered at the library and before we go in we meet
Richard, who we found out was baptized a while back, had moved, and
had fallen away from the church. Luckily he is still in our area so we
get to keep tabs on him! And then we stumbled into Charles, who I
taught back in Glendale. He is the father of a less active member
(Jocelyn) and was trying to find some extra help for Jocelyn in her
schooling. So it was great to see him again. And then we were stopped
by an inactive member who gave us a referral for this man that had
cancer and was going through a really hard time. So cool!!!

We had this beautiful Christmas fireside last night. It was way fun!
About half the ward showed up and one of our investigators. I got the
chance to play for the Young Women and a sister in the ward who sang
songs about the Savior. It was so fun working with the YW again.

Love you all so much for all of the sweet birthday notes. Mom, thank
you so much for my package! Haha, I just got it today but it is
amazing! Especially the mug - Sister Barney and I were going google -
eyed over it - it is sooooo cool!! And thank you for the sweet note,
the ensign, and all of the little sweets. Love you mom! Don't think
there is a way I could ever repay you and dad for the many gifts you
given me over the years.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Love, Sister Dunn

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