Monday, July 6, 2015

Lindsay - July 6, 2015

1 month down...... 17 months to go!!!!! Yahoo! It was a slow month because my first area has been really slow, but the experience has taught me to have patience! All of you youth remember this: Every mission isn't going to be perfect! There will be some areas where they progress faster than others! Patience is the key to missionary work!

This week was amazing! On Tuesday we had a Trainer/Trainee Meeting with all the new missionaries! So I got to see all of my MTC roommates! It was amazing! Then the next day we had a district meeting. We talked about testifying and how it can affect those we teach. It was a great meeting and I loved contributing to the discussion. We role played with a couple who were senior missionaries.
They were so awesome and we felt the Spirit strongly! Usually in role plays it is awkward but it felt so natural! 

Thursday's are usually slow. I feel like no one is home on those days! We knocked on 9 doors until we visited someone! On Friday we taught the Ammon family   
(referral) we got from the Bott's. They had been busy so we finally got to teach them! We taught them the Restoration.  I was supposed to invite them to be baptized, but after I bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon, I blanked!! I did not know what to say next! So Sister Mizell invited them and they accepted! Sister Mizell and I are so excited! They are such good people, and they were very receptive to the message that we shared! They were truly prepared from the Lord to
hear the gospel! We gave the parents Books of Mormon and they were looking through it and the father saw the  name "Ammon" in it and he said "It's a sign!" They are the best!!

On July 4th, we went to a church breakfast at 7 in the morning! We had a great breakfast, and the Ammon's showed up! (We had invited them). We weekly planned and then we randomly got a call from our Bishop in Tortolita Ward. He said that there was another funeral that they wanted us to speak at! The whole family weren't members, but the caretaker of the woman who passed away was a less active. The minister that was supposed to speak at the funeral bailed, and so the caretaker called the bishop of her Ward and asked if someone could come and speak. Apparently we were referred to speak because the bishop knew that we did a good job at the last funeral. So Sister Mizell gets freaked out by funerals, so I spoke again! This experience was the most spiritual and interesting experience of my life. We went to this house and we awkwardly walked in. No one talked to us so it was awkward at first but I can tell you that I felt the love of God for them. Most of them were smoking E-cigarettes, they were in regular clothes, and they were very casual about the whole funeral. Brother Janes was in the bishopric in the Ward where this family lived, and he knew the caretaker. So Sister Mizell gave a beautiful prayer  and I spoke on the Plan of Salvation. Of course I got emotional, and I just could feel this family's grief and pain. By the end of my talk, most of them were crying. I didn't think I could have influenced  them that much, but I hope that they felt the Spirit. We then took some balloons outside and some people read some poems and then we let go of the balloons. After that event we drove around to the scenic saguaro 
national park and then we went up to a high mountain where you can see  the whole city! We met some elders there and we watched fireworks from there! It was a great night!

On Sunday we went to the Hansen's for dinner  and guess what??? Their son knew Elder Potter!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!! They were really good friends in the mission and they saw each other a lot. He totally flipped!! Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful week!! I love all of you and I miss you all so much! Thank you to my family, my extended family and my Ward family for making my life so much brighter! Thank you for your prayers and support! :)


Sister Dunn

Sister Mizell and Sister Dunn

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