Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Taylor - July 21, 2015

Hey Mom and Dad! 

Wow sounds like you had a busy but super fun week this week! Thanks for all the details! I can honestly say my email won't be as long as yours haha! You got to ride Segways, that must have been fun! And oh man the San Diego temple is gorgeous, that's one of my favorites!  Sounds like Spencer is having an awesome time as well going from one trip to the other, he's probably loving it! 

Okay ahora voy a escribir mi email en espanol! Entonces por esta semana tuvimos mas miembros salir con nosotros. Tambien tuvimos muchas oportunidades para ensenar durante el tiempo teniamos que tocar puertas. Haha so ya it was pretty effective and it really helped us out during the week. I'm trying to work on my Spanish as much as possible and I hope I will be able to improve faster! Also, we have been running almost every morning to the church and back which is a total of about 2.3 miles which is awesome! I still have a ton more fat than muscle on my body though haha. 

So our week was great! We had a chance to go out with more members to teach our investigators which was super nice! I felt we did really well teaching this week which really helped us to determine who was willing to change and who was not. You are right, just getting in front of people is the best thing to do. A good analogy for that is having our lines (or I guess nets back in the old days) in the water. As long we are out there with our lines in the water we have the best chance to find  someone. If we don't have our lines in the water it's impossible. 

So with Maria and her husband, they didn't come to church this week so we were kinda sad since they seemed so solid. We visited them later that day and figured out that they felt pressured to go to church and do all these things. We testified that as representatives of Jesus Christ all we do is invite people to come to church and to do the things necessary to be happy. We aren't forcing them in any way. I think they had been studying with jw's and felt forced to do everything to become a member. Truly though it is their agency, it's up to them whether to come to church or not and I think that made them feel better for some reason. So, they committed to come to the Wednesday night activity as well as church this week which is boss! 

We also met Olga last week who is a member but hasn't been to the church here in Florida. She used to go to church in Peru but then she moved here and has been sick. She came to church on Sunday and we visited her yesterday. She also has a daughter in law who used to go to church in Peru with her cousins and other family but hasn't gone here yet. She said she would come to church this Sunday and we are excited to visit them again. The husband isn't as excited about it but we haven't really been able to meet him officially so we'll see if he would like to hear the message of the gospel as well! Although, I'm actually getting transferred so I won't be able to see their progression! So one and done in Hialeah which is crazy! Elder Nielsen is staying and training. They are taking the car away from him this transfer so basically he's having a nervous breakdown in every way possible. Haha I just keep encouraging him and trying to pump him up. He's an awesome missionary, he will do great! So since Im being transferred I dont have the address yet so I will give it to you next pday!  

Anyways, ya so that kinda sums up the week! By the way did I tell you Elder Johns has been in my zone this transfer? He's pretty boss haha he says he regrets not hanging out with me before the mish, haha man I must be a cool kid ;) 

Love ya Mom and Dad thanks for everything!

Elder Dunn

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