Monday, July 6, 2015

Taylor - July 6, 2015

Elder Wolfe and Elder Dunn

This week was pretty good! We really stepped up on finding and were really focused on increasing our new investigator pool as well as really taking advantage of every opportunity to teach. We definitely saw some success as we focused on that. We also are trying to get to know the members as well as contact less actives to see if we can help them come back to church. 

We ran into this one less active named Jenny who had been pretty solid in the church but eventually she got busy and couldn't find the time to go to church. Recently she had her dog and a close friend die which hurt her a lot. She has also been pretty sick herself and had to go to the hospital a couple of times. We stopped by and it totally brightened her day! We got to know her a little bit and heard her story and we shared a simple message but the spirit was definitely there! She wants to come back to church and feel of the spirit so that was super cool! 

What we are really going to focus on this week is to make sure we keep a high standard and find the people that will be willing to change. A lot of the people we found truly appeared to be cool and some even accepted baptism but then they wouldn't come to church or wouldn't have time to hear a message about the gospel. So this week, we are going to work on turning new investigators into progressing investigators! I am doing my best to just take advantage of every opportunity to introduce the gospel to someone. 

Sounds like you have had a busy but fun week! Thanks for all the pics I thought I had 32 emails from friends or something for a sec ;) haha jk. Man Spence is really in shape and I'm really getting out of shape! I wanted to time me and my comp for a mile time just because I haven't recorded it in a while so we ran a mile but unfortunately it was at a little slower pace than I liked and he died on the last lap so I finished with 7:18.......yes I know what you're thinking "wow, my son is fat" and yes it is true! I'm working on it though! 

Elder Nielsen is pretty cool, he kinda struggles sometimes when there's not a lot of success and sometimes he gets a little frustrated but he's a hard worker and wants to see success. I don't feel like he's completely opened up yet so we'll see what I can do this week! 

By the way how is keeping up with the yard, are you getting used to it? Oh so 4th of July was cool! We got some ice cream and donuts which of course made us feel terrible after we ate them. Surprisingly not a ton of fireworks went off, I mean a few did but not that many. I think it's probably because most of the people in our area don't even know what 4th of July is ;) Oh and I got my first haircut that I actually paid for on the mish, the part is shaved in and everything! We'll see how you like it! Well I love you Mom and Dad thanks for everything!

Elder Dunn

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