Monday, July 27, 2015

Holli - July 27, 2015

Hello everyone!

So it's been a pretty awesome week! Sister Duncan and I are still alive so we are counting our blessings! I was going to make up a story about what happened during the earthquake - something about us clinging to the doorframe while the whole house shook and screaming our heads off, but really it just sounded like a huge dump truck roaring by. We didn't feel anything :) Sister Zylstra gave us a whole run down on what to do during an earthquake so now we are better

Yesterday evening we found out Sister Duncan had been riding her bike up and down this incline all day on a flat tire with like 50 water bottles in her bag :) We were at a less active's house when we figured this out and the husband who isn't active totally fixed it for her - super nice!

I absolutely love Sister Duncan. She is like the best companion ever. We have so much fun but we are working hard. We have to do a lot of work on our street contacting though - we can say hi, but we need to work to actually get in front of them - awkward stuff but it must be done!

Our first day we had been out and about visiting people in our area book and we came home a bit after dinner and saw we had a referral. Her name is Brandy and she is awesome! She is very open to learning about our religion and she has 4 sweet nephews that she lives with along with her sister and brother in law and father who all encourage her to "get saved". The sister loves and found some
Mormons in their genealogy so she took this as a sign for Brandy to become LDS :) hopefully!

We met this awesome lady named Sally the other day. She's less active but super sweet. She grew up in the church but never gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon - so without the iron rod she kind of fell away which is super sad because she's awesome. We'll keep going over there, hopefully bring a bit of the Spirit with us :)

We met this guy named G in a trailer park. He stopped us and said we were super awesome because we were the only ones who did the hand signals for riding a bike properly. He said that he gets all his information about Mormons from Southpark and the musical. After we internally face palmed he said that he would go on a "Southpark fast" so he would be ready to talk with us when we come by next week. He
said he might come to church but it would take baby steps. G said I look like Taylor Swift - even though we were both super hot, sweaty, and had bike helmets on . . . I guess I'll take it! 

This week has been chalk full of testimony building experiences. Really I've just been thinking about how vital it is to study the Book of Mormon each day. People who do so, even if they have lots of doctrinal issues or questions, put their trust in the Lord rather than in themselves. They know they will receive answers some day and have faith that they will receive them, even if things don't make sense now. By holding to that iron rod, we can look forward with faith and
determination, not letting go of what we know to be true and receiving strength to resist the voices swirling like the dark mists around us. We can find true happiness by reading the Book of Mormon and following the principles taught there. This great gospel is the only way to true and lasting happiness.

Thank you so much for the pictures and the letters. Love you all!

Love, Sister Dunn

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