Monday, July 27, 2015

Taylor - July 27, 2015

Ok so  I got transferred to an area called Lake Worth! It's near Palm Beach and is a super boss area and there is a mix of Black, White, and Latins! I'm the District Leader now so that's definitely interesting and nerve racking but also super awesome! My comp is Elder Wilhite, he's from Eugene, Oregon and he's super boss. He's been out for a bit more than six months! He is super hard working and obedient which is awesome! We speak Spanish all day every day and his Spanish is pretty good! I have two companionships in my district, they are both sisters. There is Palm Beach North... English... Sisters Morrow and Erickson. Sister Morrow is training sister Erickson! Then in West Palm North.. Spanish.. there is sister Endemano who is training sister Hatch! They are super good as well! 

I actually had my first District Training meeting the day after transfers which was scary but it worked out! I taught it on Unity and Love. I even did an object lesson where I gave each companionship a minute to get as many skittles from one plate to another across the room. They both had straws and they had to link arms and use the straws to move the skittles! The prize was a big bag of skittles! Elder Wilhite and I won though haha! ;) 

This week we were really trying to get to know the area and find places where there are Latinos. It's different than Hialeah where everywhere there are Latinos! The ward really likes missionary work and they want to come out with us a lot this week and we want to gain their trust so that should work out nice! The Zone Leaders are elder Kwon and elder Mason, they're creole and they're pretty cool! 

Phillip Stafford is engaged? That's crazy! Mackenzie Kerr is going on a mish, that's super cool! Haha sounds like it was kinda an emotional week for you guys... well at least you mom, dad seems like he's doing pretty good ;) How was your trip, sounds like fun, thanks for the pics! I'll make sure to pray for Val and the fam! And ya don't worry I'm reading the girl’s emails, they're super good! Well I have to go, I will send pics next week! 

Oh the address to my house is
2359 Caroma Lane
West Palm Beach, Florida  33415

Love you guys!

Elder Dunn

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