Thursday, July 16, 2015

Holli - July 13, 2015

Hello everyone!!

It was a good week this week! We dropped like 5 investigators and our teaching pool is more like a kiddie pool but that's ok! Sister
Robinson is determined to go door knocking this week in the wealthier parts of the area and So that's what we'll be doing a lot of - pray for us. We tried a bit of door knocking yesterday and it wasn't too successful but that's ok.

So guess what? I figured out what a graveyard shift was this week. Ok, just think about this logically - graveyard shift. Shouldn't that mean they work in a cemetery? Well that's what I thought until we were talking to a less active family in our ward and he was talking about putting loads in the truck during his graveyard shift and I was like (loads of what? Dead bodies? Dirt for the dead bodies?) Sister
Robinson laughed for like 5 straight minutes when I finally tried to
clarify, and so did the family.

This was like last week I think but Sister Robinson and I were riding our bikes back from a District meeting and we were going up this insane hill and we passed a lemonade stand. We try to say hello to everyone so we kind of gasped out a hello to this couple parked in front of the stand. We finally got to the top of the hill and then
started cruising back down it towards the Zylstras. Sister Robinson
was flying ahead of me but out of the corner of my eye I see this car pulling up beside me so I look over and it's the couple from the
lemonade stand. They are waving to get my attention so I pull to a
stop and glance forward to see that my companion is too far away and is still flying down the hill. Anyways, I must have looked like a dead fish because the couple gave me some money so we could grab a lemonade - I ended up giving it to Sister Zylstra to put in the missionary fund because we aren't suppose to accept money but I didn't know that since my companion had abandoned me . . . We are working on that :)

One last funny story. So the other day we were walking down to an
investigator and we see this lady (Mother Holloway) sitting on this
porch swing outside her house. We go over and ask how she is doing and it turns out that she's locked herself out of her house! I looked through the dirt and miracle of all miracles found a bobby pin! Being the Representatives of Jesus Christ that we were I graciously volunteered to pick the lock to her front door and she accepted the offer :) She had windows but the big ones had screens that we're screwed into the frame so we couldn't get those off. The other windows she had were up pretty high and kind of small - she said she was trying to get a child from the neighborhood to come over but she had left her phone inside so she couldn't get ahold of anyone. Sister Robinson figured she was small enough so we got a chair, wiggled the screen off, and then I stood on the chair while she began lifting herself to get inside. When one leg was through we stopped and said we should probably say a quick prayer so she doesn't die. Anyone driving by would have been so weirded out by this scene. Mother Holloway gave the prayer and it was . . . Interesting. But it worked because Sister Robinson managed to get in the house and unlock the door!

Haha so funny Spanish story (last one, I promise) We have an
investigator named Karina who has the 4 cutest kids and they all speak English but her husband doesn't and she wants them all to go to church together and we're like yes! So we call the Spanish elders to meet us at her house and kind of pass her and her family to them so they can go to the Spanish ward so her husband can actually understand it. It was late last night and my comp. and I were at the house waiting for the Elders and decided to knock. The husband answered the door and we forgot he couldn't speak English until he told us "no ingles" . It was super awkward because we stood outside their door for like 20 minutes waiting for the elders. Karina was asleep so that was no Bueno. We just started saying things like "Libro de Mormon" y "Jesu Cristo" y "Iglesia" y "Leche" - pretty good right? When the elders got there we just pulled out this tiny Jesus puzzle and tried putting it together with the kids on the porch. It was pretty fun.

So we were down near the bottom of area one day and we were on the side of the street, looking at our area book and deciding where we should go next. We were talking about it for like five minutes and when we decided, we got back on our bikes and looked straight ahead and there was this dog staring at us. Talk about creepy! It was in its cage and I think it was a Great Dane (it was huge!) and it had just been staring at us the whole time. Not one bark or growl. Weird!

We had a Potluck in the Park the other night and it was kind of a
small turn out. We had invited pretty much all of our investigators
but none of them showed up. Sad :( we had texted one of our recent
converts to see if she was coming and she asked if it would be over if she started biking up. We told her no! So an hour later we texted her again, wondering where she was! Turns out she had stopped at Walmart to grab a veggie tray and a coconut cream pie. We ran out to the Main Street to flag her down as she was riding up to the park and it was so funny. She is so dedicated. She lives at the bottom of the area and it's about a 5 mile bike ride uphill so she's exhausted, slowly biking up the sidewalk, wavering back and forth with all of the food she has in the basket on her handlebars. We turned to each other and were like, the Lord needs more people on his side like this - she was so determined! Almost everyone had gone home and the food was almost all gone but she came!

I know that when we put Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ first in our lives, above anything else, then we are blessed. They provide the strength needed and the help necessary to overcome trials, deal with temptations and stresses, and ultimately to find true happiness. I'm so thankful for this gospel and the opportunity we have to share it with others who have become burdened down with bad choices, both of their making and others. It's comforting to have this hope in kind of a hopeless world. Thanks mom and dad for all you have taught me! Love you so much!

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