Saturday, July 4, 2015

Chelsea - July 4, 2015

Ahhhh Janie got her mission call to Santiago Chile!!!!!! That is so awesome! My original guess was Brazil btw! So I was pretty close haha. seriously though, Im so excited for her and she will be amazing in Chile.

So this week has been kind of same old same old! I'm starting to freak out a little though! Only four more days til we leave! It's getting so real. Sometimes, I think that MTC is my whole mission! haha. The language is coming along pretty well. I had the opportunity to do one on one coaching with Sister Cope and it was AMAZING! She just started spitting out sentences in English and I would translate them in Tagalog. It takes me a while but I can do it! So that was kind of a break through moment with the language this week!

So a couple girls and I have been a little frustrated about our lessons and how we aren't getting feedback on how to become better. Brother Kaka took us in a room and explained that we were looking at the small picture and not the big picture. He said that he can tell us the things we need to fix, but that's not going to really help the big picture. The big picture is our relationship with Heavenly Father. If we have are constantly aware of Him and His help, we will be able to figure out how to improve through Him. So that was a really interesting thought. Still super frustrating, because he told us nothing about improving our lessons, but really good, because in the end, it's just gonna be us and Heavenly Father. 

We then talked about technology on missions which was super interesting! He asked us, "Why do you think we are allowing missionaries to have access to the Internet on their missions?" We all agreed that it was a stupid decision and we had no idea why. Why would we give these missionaries access to the internet, email, and mostly porn!! Why are we doing this? The reason is: to make them immune to the internet and to distractions. If a missionary can use the IPAD effectively and not waste time, he has learned to master self control and now can master any other weaknesses. So that was just a super cool thought! 

Sorry, not really a lot to write about this week! I'm sure the next time though will be super long!!! I can't wait for this next adventure!!! Love you all!  


  1. Is it us or are there 2 Chelsea's in this photo?

  2. Is it us or are there 2 Chelsea's in this photo?