Friday, July 10, 2015

Chelsea - July 10, 2015

AHHH I'M IN THE PHILIPPINES! Just emailing you real quick to say that I made it! The plane ride was 14 hours long but it actually wasn't that bad and the plane food wasn't horrible! haha. I literally slept for 10 of the 14 hours we were on the plane so it was great! At the LA Airport some guy came up to us and cussed us out for being mormons so that was cool haha. Oh well fun surprise, my luggage is lost! Haha so I am literally living off of Turley's stuff and the stuff I brought in my carry on haha. Supposedly its in Hong Kong. So both my bags and then one of Sister Esplins and then one of Kofes and then both of Siratas were all lost. It took about an hour to report them and we couldn't understand anything haha. 

We get stared at so much here. And some Filipino guys are creepy! haha. We haven't experienced the heat yet since we haven't gone outside during the day but we will today! I can feel the humidity though, ahhh i can't breathe haha. Manila is crazy! It's this big city and walking outside during the night was so cool. 

So I'm freaking out right now because we are going out
proselyting from 2-6. I am going with a missionary who is serving in Manila. And bad news is, is that I'm leading everything. I have to
approach the people, talk to them, get to know them, and invite them! Like I can't even speak Tagalog!!!!! Oh man I almost cried when they told us that. Wish me luck... The food is nast here. For breakfast we had hotdogs and rice and eggs. nast!!! It's been super rainy here and apparently we are going to get drenched out proselyting. And they were like bring an umbrella, and I'm like its in my suitcase which is lost haha Oh well! I went through customs okay so that was good! Also, the Hong Kong airport was so cool! So many Asians! I'll send pictures later if I can figure it out. The computers are kinda different here. I'm not sure when the next time will be when I email, but I love you all! Oh and Kofe says hi

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