Thursday, July 16, 2015

Taylor - July 13, 2015

Thanks for the letter Dad you didn't go too deep, it was pretty simple and that really helps. I'm just going to do the best I can to serve the Lord. Obviously, I won't be complacent but I won't get down on myself for thinking I'm doing something wrong if we're not having success. If you keep writing the way you are you're going to end up as an apostle or something ;) That's definitely an interesting story from Jordan, I really like it and it kinda puts it into perspective for me. I also really like that quote from Gordon B. Hinckley, it definitely rings true! 

Seems like everyone has been ditching you Dad, you gotta take mom on a nice date night or something one of these days, relax a little ;) I'm glad that boat cover didn't nail someone's car when it flew off, that could've been bad. I'm really sad those trees had to go, are you going to put anything else there or just leave it. Maybe let the grass grow out a little more since it seems to be dwindling in that area ;) Sounds like Chelsea's luggage got lost on the way to the Philippines, hopefully everything will work out with that! Haha. Ya she will definitely have to branch out with the food there a little ;) 

Ok, cool miracle this week.  Even though it was tough at the beginning of the week we endured to the end and found Maria and her husband! We knocked into Maria and her husband and said a prayer. She really felt the spirit and went into a story of how her daughter had gotten into drugs and died on an overdose of heroine at the age of 26. She asked if she would be able to see her daughter again and we said "For Sure!" We testified of the Plan of Salvation and she later said that she wanted to be baptized in this Church! The next day we came back and showed her and her husband the "Because he lives" video and they were touched. They both want to be baptized and they both really wanted to learn more and come to church! Unfortunately the next day Maria got sick and they weren't able to make it but we are seeing them tonight so we are excited to talk with them about the Plan of Salvation and the Restoration! 

We visited Jenny again this week but she's really depressed and not doing so good. She has a lot of pain in her stomach so she's going to go to the doctor to check it out. We really tried to ask inspired questions and help her realize what will be able to make her happy. The visit went pretty well and we hope she comes to church this Sunday! 

Haha oh mom you let Tyson talk you into buying Cutco Knives?! ;) Haha I think that's why he called you up, he knew you would get some ;) Oh well I'm sure you're enjoying the knives! Oh man I heard about Jurassic World it sounds sick, put that on my list of movies I need to watch! Jk! Thanks for the boating pics, the wake looks boss, Spencer is getting pretty good at it, you need to tell him to try a backflip one of these days, he can probably stick it! 

And ya we didn't do much for my year mark but I can't believe it's here. Things are going by way too fast :( Oh and we drive a ford fusion, it's nice but doesn't really get good gas mileage. Anyways love ya Mom and Dad, enjoy your time with Christy Mom! Thanks for the emails! 

Elder Dunn

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