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Holli - June 30, 2015

Hey everyone!

So we had interviews with President yesterday so our pday was switched to today! So sorry 

It has been a very interesting but great week. We are talking to tons
of people and teaching lots of lessons but we are struggling to get
members come out with us. President and our Zone leaders gave us lots of advice yesterday so we will try to apply it. It's hard I think
because it's summer so everyone is leaving and we're like - "No, come back! We have investigators now!" Crazy. We visit lots of sick/elderly people and that's my favorite part. Partly because they have great air conditioning jk! They are so cute and amazing and have hilarious stories.

We ran into Nathan on the street the other day. He's had a very bad
life and has made lots of mistakes but he told us that during one of
these hard times he turned to the Bible and he's been sober now for
about 20 years! We gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and asked him to read it. We didn't think we'd ever see him again until Sunday night when we were walking down the street and saw him sitting outside by the sidewalk. Crazy! We talked to him for a while. He told us that there's something different about us. He turned to Sister Robinson and said that her eyes just glow with this radiance then he turned to me and said, "It's not your eyes exactly just," then he kind of just gestured to me in general and I was like, "darn, I need to work on my glowing eyes thing."

We ran into a guy named Mark last night. He is from New York and told us he just wanted to get out for a while. Super nice but we ran into him around 9 and he said that we should get off the streets and not talk to random people just because it wasn't very safe. He was super nice and as we were handing him a Book of Mormon two guys came up to us. One was pretty drunk and started complimenting our bicycles. Mark was cracking up and Sister Robinson gave him a Word of Wisdom pamphlet. Best day ever.

Mom you would love it here! There are hummingbirds everywhere! Sis. Robinson and I were trying to find a former investigator so we were climbing up this street called Mountain (and literally, we were
climbing a mountain) and we stopped to take a breather and there was this tree with all of these hummingbirds just flitting in and out and they were making the cutest sounds and then they would sit on the branches and it is just the coolest. We continued climbing and didn't manage to find the right investigator. However the ride down the mountain was super exhilarating. I literally thought I was going to die. We were flying down this mountain and must have looked so goofy with our skirts billowing behind us and the intense looks of fear on our faces. I think Sis. Robinson wants to do it again . . . Ok maybe I was the only one with the fear on my face.

Unfortunately Sis. Robinson must have picked something up in her tire because it went flat that night. We bought a patch kit and tried to fix it up - it lasted about 8 hours. We took it to the Hansens ( they are he cutest elderly couple and they love the missionaries) and told them what happened. We also told them that the patch hadn't been staying on the inner tube so Sis. Robinson had taped it down . . . Bro. Hansen told us to leave the bikes at his house so he could fix it. The next day we dropped by to grab it and I asked Sis. Hansen how our patch job looked. She laughed and said, "What patch job?" So now we know how to actually patch a tire. Sis. Robinson ended up getting a new inter tube.

That's about all the excitement we see here in Claremont :) Mom, I
can't thank you enough for the package! All of the skirts work very
well with my bike so answer to prayer! And thank for the m&m's. They are now gone. No I have not looked at a scale yet. Sis. Robinson said that was her goal when she came out but she had a doctor's appointment and she had to get on this scale. First she got on it backwards so the lady told her to turn around. She did while closing her eyes. The doctor finally just told her her weight. Sis. Robinson was like, NO!! It was funny.

Spencer sounds like you've had an absolutely amazing week! I sent you a letter in the mail but you probably won't get it until Tennis Camp is over. I hope the letter gets there😁. Hope you have a blast up at BYU and with all your cousins! I bet it's awesome to see Sam and Parker again :) stay safe - have fun!

I love you all so much! Thanks for writing :)

Love, Holli
It's Raining!!!!

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