Monday, June 29, 2015

Lindsay - June 29, 2015

Dear Family

So on Monday we had P-day. I always love going at 2 to play sports with all the elders and sisters every P-day! We had a half mission conference on Tuesday and that lasted from 10 to 2:30. Lawrence E. Corbridge spoke. We also all got to shake his hand! It was great! And guess what??? I saw my MTC roommate at the meeting!!! ( Sister Adams). It was so great to see her! She serves in a YSA ward and the University of Arizona is in her area. She loves it! On Wednesday, a family in the ward gave us a referral for a family that lived two houses down from them. They were interested and we are teaching them tonight! Sister Mizell is giving me the responsibility to invite them to baptism!! Ahhhhhhh!!! :) I'm so excited! And nervous :) 

On Thursday we had exchanges. I was companions with the STL ( sister training leader), Sister Brown. It was amazing!!!!! She was EXACTLY obedient!!! She is very logical in her thinking so our planning took forever. But I loved it. We had so many back ups for the people we were going to see and it was great! Whenever we had extra time, we would go street contacting in the apartment complexes. It was scary!!!!! 

I seriously loved Sister Brown and the day I had with her!! I was definitely drained because we walked around more in the hot sun! But I loved it. At the end of the night we visited an investigator and she was the cutest thing! We talked about having pure thoughts. We had a great discussion with her and she loves serving others. Whenever someone comes over to her house she has a roll of paper and people draw and write notes. For the missionaries she has them write down their favorite scripture. So I wrote down D&C 25:2. 

On Friday we did service at the Blanco's. For 2 1/2 hours in the heat! Ahhhh it was so bad! Sister Mizell and I got headaches so bad that day. Ok funny story. So we have this service activity with the zone where we buy food and put it on an elders/sisters doorstep and then we knock and run away. Then the elders or sisters that received the food buy food for someone else. So late that night we went to Safeway and bought food for Elder Potter and Muench. We went over to their apartment, and I was going to bring the food up the flight of stairs to their door when I saw that they were both at the window with the blinds opened. So I went back to the car, waited a few seconds and then tried to go up there again. The door was opened so I sprinted back to the car. Again, I headed up there and the door was closed. So I breathed a sigh of relief and all of a sudden I see Elder Potter on the floor in front of the door just smiling at me waiting to see if I had noticed. Apparently he had been there for a couple of minutes and I didn't realize it. Awkwardest moment of my life!!!!! Hahahahaahahahah:) it was hilarious, we had a good laugh. So my week has been good! I hope all of you are doing good and that you enjoy the Fourth of July!  I love you all so much!!! Sam and Parker, I'm sorry I missed your homecoming!! I can't wait to see you in a year and a half!!! :) Oh and happy Birthday Spence! 

Sister Dunn

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