Saturday, June 13, 2015

Chelsea - June 13, 2015

Heyyy okay seriously I’m going crazy because we literally have no time to email. I'll try to send you a handwritten letter to reply to your emails. Uhhhh!!! So last Saturday was so good!  We get to go to the temple on our P-day. I prayed to my Heavenly Father before we went and just asked Him to help me realize the blessings of the temple and to help me to enjoy the session and that temple session was the best one yet. I enjoyed every minute of it and it was such a sacred experience. 

So this week was horror story week. All of our teachers were telling all their gross stories about the Philippines. One said that she woke up in the middle of the night to a rat eating her hair. One said that in his bathroom they found about 30 cockroaches and 2 rats the size of cats. One teacher said that he got a bug and slept for three days straight and the funny thing is that his companion was super new and thought he was dying! hahaha. 

So the missionaries who have been in the MTC for a while get to host on Wednesdays when new missionaries are being dropped off.  I saw Christina Walker while I was hosting. I really wanted to host her though! But ya right when I saw her I was like, Sister Walker!!! I've also seen Mallory Moss a couple times and she seems like she loves it! Ya so I got to host on Wednesday and it was so great!! But it really brought back the feelings of getting dropped off. I almost just cried watching! I also saw Eric Peterson and was able to talk to him for a bit which was super cool! Accounting buddies for life. Oh ya so I was in the cafeteria and this guy was like Sister Dunn! And I turned around and I didn't recognize him at all. I was like uhhh do I know you? And he was like I'm elder Packard! Our moms know each other! Haha it took me a minute but I felt so bad I didn't know him! haha 

Ya I was so sad when Lindsay and Holli didn't come and see me before they left the MTC! I literally thought that they just couldn't make it. I totally forgot that their cards don't work in my building. Well at least Lindsay and Holli had a moment!  The Struggle is real! Oh, we watched meet the mormons Sunday night. Everyone got to watch it! I bawled at the end, haha and so did the elders in my district even though they don't want to admit it! Pam and David sent a package! So sweet! Okay where does Tyler Roberts teach? It really bugs me that I haven't seen him yet! Especially if I'm having a hard day, it would be so much appreciated!! 

So this week has been super hard for me. I dont know why, but the language just hasn't been the easiest for me. I have a good understanding when someone is speaking, but it's so hard to speak grammatically correct in Tagalog. I've also felt like I'm not really progressing and not sure if I'm studying the right things. I talked to Brother Kaka and he gave me a lot of advice and told me what to study to improve so I should be okay this week. Probably the most emotional day here has been Tuesday. TRC is the worst!!! It's when you teach a lesson to a member in Tagalog. So the first lady we got was an old filipino lady and she was the best! Super loving and super kind. But oh man, our next person was horrible! He was a returned missionary from the Philippines but we really couldn't understand him. Whenever we asked him to repeat something, he wouldn't repeat it or if he did, he made us look like idiots! I then asked him to share an experience he has had with prayer and he told me no, that's a too personal question. We tried to figure out his needs, but since we didn't know what he was saying, Sister Turley just started, "Well I don't know what you said but I feel like I should talk about.." And he literally like scoffed at us. It was the worst experience ever! We then talked to Brother Brodhead after, and Brodhead told us that he was never good at Tagalog even coming off his mission. We then told Brother Kaka, and he was like that's horrible, I'll make sure he won't come again! So that was a relief! But literally, we walked back into the classroom and I just started bawling. So my kasama and I went outside and just talked it out but after I was still feeling pretty horrible about myself so I just sat on the stairs by myself and just let it all out. Right at that moment, the only person I wanted to see was Sister Bates. She is literally an angel and whenever she gives a spiritual thought, it's so inspirational. She's also just the most loving and kind person you'll ever meet. So I was sitting on the stairs, just wanting to talk to Sister Bates, but the sad thing was that she already had her shift for the day. So I walked back into class, and guess what?! She was there! I was like what in the heck?! She then shared a spiritual thought and it was exactly what I needed to hear. She then had to go, walked out of the class, and then just patted my shoulder and seriously I just broke down again! Such a tender mercy from the Lord!! Oh and I forgot to say that everyone was bawling except the elders and my kasama. TRC was rough for everyone! It was so bad and all the teachers were freaking out because they didn't know how to handle it haha!

Another cool experience that happened yesterday was I got to be the investigator for a demo. Brother Brodhead taught a lesson on the Plan of Salvation and it was so good! I understood him pretty well and was able to respond pretty well back! He taught me for like an hour and the class could interject whenever they wanted. It was such a cool experience to be on the other side of the lesson! Brother Brodhead is an amazing teacher though so I learned so much! Okay I have to go! Sorry I have like no time for emailing, and my kasama is all about strict obedience! haha. 

Oh and tell Val thanks for her note! I really loved it and its such good advice about lessons. Because seriously they are the hardest part of the MTC. Tell her that I love her!! 

I'll write you guys a handwritten letter this week with way more details. I hope you are all doing well! Tell grandpa to get better! Oh and btw I love getting Dear Elders, its the best in the world. Sister Esplin literally gets five a day... Haha!! Love you guys! 

Sister Dunn

***Hey note from Chris….if anyone wants to write Chelsea a Dear Elder letter…they are free while they are in the MTC and they print them off daily for the missionaries so it is a real treat for them instead of only getting emails once a week on P-day.  Go to and click on write a missionary. Then on the left hand side of the screen click on Provo MTC (free). Put your return address in, and then all you need to fill in to get a letter to Chelsea is Sister Chelsea Dunn, Unit 91, PHI-CAU, JUL 15. Then you can click in the box below and write a letter. Thanks everyone!

My District

We got two new districts Wednesday and one of the sisters and I were matching.
Not planned btw.

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