Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Holli - June 22, 2015

Hey Mom, Dad, and Spence!

Thanks for your letters! Wow - sounds like a lot is going on :) happy Birthday Spencer! Can't believe you're going to be 17! That's crazy :)

So we’ve been busy. My comp. Sis. Robinson is fearless when it comes to street contacting. Even when I would prefer to avoid them :) she just goes right up there. We visit a lot of people - less actives and referrals mostly. We try to get as many referrals as we can. We found the cutest family. It's a single mother (Karina) and her 4 kids. Karina was raised Catholic but she doesn't go to church - partly because all of her kids are crazy energetic and people have told her she's interrupting the meeting. We told her she'd fit right in to our ward and that we have tons of people to help out with the kids if she needs it! She works Monday through Saturday so Sunday has been the only time we've talked with her but both times have been great. She and her kids seem interested even though they have no clue who Jesus Christ is, and they have all these questions for us. Sophia, Marina, Diego, Andrew, and little Chloe are the ones usually there. I think Marina is the cousin. Anyways, they are all under 8 years old and so curious. They love watching the video Because He Lives - they watched it 4 times last night! They are seriously the cutest though. Sis. Robinson talked to Karina while I sat on the porch with the kids watching the videos. She also showed them lots of pictures of Jesus and after like the 5th pic. They would shout "Jesus!" The Spirit is so strong with those kids. We asked Marina if she thought that Jesus loved her. Sophia said "Nope” but Marina said "Yes!" So we gave her a high five :) We're working on Sophia.

We had dinner with Celane the other night. She's a member but she’s interesting. She believes in God and the priesthood but she was telling us that she practices this weird thing where you gather the energy of the universe and help the blockage in people's nerves go away. It's super weird. Sis. Robinson says that Celane is just like that.  She kind of reminds me of Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter.  Sis. Robinson agrees :)

Sis. Robinson has been a great companion. It's been kind of an adjustment for me, as I think every companion will be. I mean we’re together 24/7 so sometimes it's crazy but she's very driven and focused. Her previous companion was sick 3 days out of the week (she had a gluten allergy among other things) so they would stay home a lot. It drove Sis. Robinson crazy. But now we are working so hard and we both love it. I've been crazy home sick so it's so much better to be of focusing on people than on thinking about myself. It about drives me crazy when we aren't out on the streets.

I had to speak in Sacrament meeting yesterday. Holy cow I was on the struggle bus (that's what Sis. Robinson says). They assigned me to speak on the Plan of Salvation but I focused on Heavenly Father because it was Father's Day. I mentioned that it must have been so hard for HF to let us come down here with our agency, letting us choose for ourselves whether or not we would return. I talked about how hard it was for me to leave my dad at the airport, even though he knew I was coming back it was still so hard! I pretty much cried the rest of my talk. Lots of people thanked me for my talk and one of the ladies in the ward just came up and hugged me and said, "just let it all out girl!" So I had another little bawl fest but it was great. The ward is awesome and I'm feeling good. Getting pretty tan (yes I am wearing my sunscreen:). )

Spence - Mom sent me lots of pics of you playing tennis! Looks pretty awesome! When do you get the results back for your ACT? Hope you had tons of fun with the Holts and hope you have fun with the Roberts next week!

Love you all so much!
Love, Sister Dunn

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