Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Chelsea - May 30, 2015


Ya, the plane ride was horrible. I threw up in Christy's car right after we landed. And I almost threw up on the plane. The guy next to me was like, this is nothing compared to flying in the Philippines. Good luck! haha. But right after we got in the MTC I was feeling a lot better.  

So my kasama is Sister Turley! She is from St. George and she is amazing! I have learned so much from her. She is an amazing example of obedience and going with the Spirit. We are also on the same page with a lot of things so we love companion study. The other girls are Sister Porter and Sister Esplin. Sister Porter is the red head and she is from Orem. Sister Esplin is from Shelly Idaho! The other two girls are Sister Baker from Delaware and Sister Peart, the short one, and she is from Ogden! They are all great girls and its nice to be struggling together! 

I love Tagalog! Haha the first day we went to class and I understood nothing. No one speaks any English so its super hard to understand. But I love my teachers!! Brother Kaka is from New Zealand but he'a amazing at Tagalog! He's probably the toughest teacher there but you learn so much with him. He is really bold. and let me just tell you, trying to hide and be shy and not participate does not work in the MTC! Haha if he thinks you don't know it, he will call you out and ask you it. The other teacher is Sister Bates. I love her so much!!! She is really patient with us but she's a great teacher. Whenever she does speak English, which is really rare, its like heaven haha. I will try to send a photo with her later. We have three guys in our district. Two are from Caribas or something like that. I feel really bad for them because they don't know English or Tagalog. So they are really struggling. The other one is from Tonga but I think he played college football at Oregon State or something. He is a big dude and he's hilarious. 

So we just had our first investigator lesson yesterday. We all pretty much did horrible. We asked him how we did and he was like, it was so solid. I was like ya right and then he was like nah man it was horrible haha. Yesterday, we just learned to pray in Tagalog. So now we can't pray in English. I love praying in Tagalog! Brother Kaka asked us to go into our own separate classrooms and pray out loud. It was such a great experience and I felt the Spirit so strongly! I really feel like I have a handle on pronunciation so I felt like I sounded pretty good! The hardest thing is understanding the patterns and grammar.  For example, The gospel guides families. You would say guides the gospel families. So it's really hard to get down. In Tagalog, that sentence is: gumagabay po ang ebanghelyo sa mga pamylia. or something like that! 

Okay, the food here is nasty. Not gonna lie! the only good thing I've had here is dominoes pizza haha. I've seen Lindsay and Holli around a couple times so that's been fun. What's weird is I see Bryson Viehweg like twice a day. Haha we've talked and he's been in 8.5 weeks. Oh man I'd be going crazy. Oh so I fly out July 9th to Manila and we will stay five days in the Philippines MTC. We will also get to go to the Manila Temple! And then I come home November 30, 2016. I haven't seen Tyler Roberts yet! Like what the heck! And its also freezing in class. And I have no warm clothing... 

So we were studying Alma 32 yesterday and I loved verse 43. It says that we will reap the rewards of our faith through patience, diligence, and long suffering. Those three words definitely describe our experience here! It's so hard to really be patient, because I want to understand Tagalog! But I have to remember that it will come and we have only been here for three days! How are all you guys doing?? Mom, you emotional? Haha. I actually haven't cried at all and I'm not really homesick! We don't have a lot of time to think haha. We are going to the temple soon. Anyways, I hope you guys are doing great!! Have a good week! Ingat!
Sister Dunn

My kasama!

So we just went to the temple! I will send pics later. Two of the elders in our district hadn't had their endowments yet so we got to watch them go through their first time! It was so cool! I actually really like the Provo temple. It has like three floors! But it's super pretty.  Haha so when they turn on the temple movie it goes pitch black. I was so tired haha I was having a hard time struggling to stay awake. Okay, well that's pretty much it for this week. My kasama and I have to go prepare for another investigator lesson tonight. Kinda dreading it. But I'm sure we'll do fine haha. Have a good week! 

Sister Dunn

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