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Chelsea - June 27, 2015

Oh My Gosh! This week was amazing!! So here's the story. The Prophet and the Apostles are all here this week because they are training the new mission Presidents. They all meet in 1m, so it's restricted. However, our service assignment is in 1m at 6:15 on Thursday. So they let us in to clean. Sister Turley and I were vaccumming the front entrance and this car pulls in and a man gets out. All of these policemen come and start to open the doors so we go back in. We were winding up the vaccum cords and guess who walks by. ELDER HOLLAND!! We look up and he's like, "Hey kids, you look great!" AHHHHH BEST MOMENT EVER! We were literally like five feet away from him! We also were able to see Elder Bednar and Elder Anderson the next day!! So good! You can so feel the spirit of the apostles here at the MTC. It's amazing. 

So as you saw in the picture, we also got to meet our mission president and his wife which is really weird because they've already been serving for two years! So here is the story. So they thought Sister Ralph had thyroid cancer so she and her husband flew back to Utah to get surgery. Luckily, it wasn't cancerous! So while they were down in Provo, they decided to come see us!!! They showed us a bunch of pictures and told us all about the mission. They are seriously so great! I love them! They were super reassuring about the language. President Ralph told us that we won't really be able to understand or speak til about 6 months. So he told us to just chill and love the people and the area. They also bore testimony at the end and I seriously got emotional. Their testimonies were both so powerful, and just them coming to the MTC has made our whole group excited to leave!

So teaching this week was pretty good! We got to skype for TRC this week. Oh man it was an adventure. We skyped this filipino guy and he was pretty funny. Haha we were told that you can't speak any English because they would not be able to understand. That was so wrong! Haha he spoke so much English haha. We had one really bad lesson this week. We were talking about how to apply hope and diligence in our lives. Literally, we just rambled on forever and after the lesson he told us that he had no idea what we were saying. So through my tears, I was like, "Please help me!" Haha it was quite the sight. Super embarresing.. He told us to make our lessons super simple. So now, we are teaching about 10 minute lessons and every single one has worked out great!!!! 

So funny story of the week. Last Saturday we moved to a new building, 17m, because our other one was being renovated. Every single girl in the MTC was living in 17m. Then randomly in the middle of the day on Thursday, an announcement came out, "All girls, regardless of what you're doing, please report to 19m immediately." Haha we were like, "OMG the prophet is gonna speak to us." Haha we were so off. Apparently, a bat was found in a room on the fourth floor of 17m. So guess what, everyone had to move out... back to our old building!!!! again!!! hahahaha. it was so funny. And what was even funnier were the questions some of the girls were asking. "What will happen to the bat?" What if I don't want to move?" "How will I carry my luggage up the stairs?" OMG these girls though! Hahaha such wimps! Even though it was annoying, we just got up and moved back! haha.

The language is coming okay. Sister Baker has it down. She is sooooo good! She did a lesson demo with our teacher and I couldn't understand what both of them were saying. Definitely a motivation to try harder. So Tagalog lesson of the week! There are multiple ways to say things. 

1. Nagbibigay ang Aklat ni Mormon ng kapayapaan sa mga tao.
2. Ibinigay ng Aklat ni Mormon ang kapayapaan sa mga tao.
3. Binibigyan ng Aklant ni mormon ng kapayapaan ang mga tao.

Each of these sentences translate to: The Book of Momorn gives peace to the people. However, in a lesson when you want to say that, you have to figure out what focus you want. Do I want to focus on the book of Mormon? Do I want to focus on the peace? Do I want to focus on the people? So once you choose your focus, you then choose the correct verb conjugation. If my focus is the Book of Mormon, then it's a mag verb. If my focus is peace, then its an i verb, and if my focus is the people, its an AN verb. Ahhh it's so hard. Especially, to think that fast when you want to say something!!

Something that I've learned this week is to teach by the Spirit. It's so hard to discern between my thoughts and the Spirits thoughts. I was practice teaching Sister Esplin about baptism. She started asking about what authority is etc. I was getting so frustrated. All of a sudden she told me to stop and think. Literally for a minute, I just sat there and thought about it. I then started to speak and bear my testimony about baptism. Literally, I could not tell you what I said. The spirit was speaking right through me to reach her. After, she was like, "That was amazing!!" It was definitely an amazing experience!!

Haha another funny thing that happened. So we have these language assessments on the computer to test how well we are doing. For example, the computer would say, teach a lesson on the Atonement and how people can apply it in their lives. You have about one minute. So first mistake was that I was sitting by Elder Kofe. Literally whenever I'm around him, I just laugh and laugh. The first question was to recite a scripture into the microphone. I pressed play, and then he started making me laugh, and so literally that whole recording is of me laughing! So embarrassing. The people grading it probably think I'm a weirdo haha! 

Well that's about it for the week! I cant believe that I have about a week and a half til I fly out to the Philippines!! I'm so nervous but super excited about this new adventure!!! Ingat!! Love you all!

Sister Dunn

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