Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lindsay - June 22, 2015

Lindsay had dinner at a member's home in Tucson
on Father's Day and they took this picture of her and sent it to us!

Thank you for writing to me and telling me about what is going on! Braiden Shaw looks like he is happy to be home from his mission! I'm so glad that you got to see the reunion of that family. You should send me the video of Sam and Parker's homecoming at the airport! I want to see it! 

This week was great! Of course it is slow because not everyone is home or they are out of town, but at least we try! We attended a baptism for two of the elders in our area. It was so sweet, and the spirit was definitely there. We do a lot of service which is nice because Sister Mizell and I LOVE service! We also visit a lot of less actives which is nice. 

Today I was asked to speak at a funeral about the Plan of Salvation. The girl that passed on from this life was a less active and Sister Mizell taught her. When we walked into the room the Spirit hit me like a wall.  I didn't even know this person and I started to cry as this one man talked about her life. So I was already bawling before I spoke. I got up there and  said  that  I didn't know this lady but that when someone
passes on from this life, there is always a sweet spirit that dwells within us. I literally bawled through the whole thing. I talked about this life and how God has a purpose for each of us. I talked to them about praying and reading the scriptures and how it has helped me come closer to God. I also talked to them about how this isn't the end of our life, but that we can see our loved ones and continue our lives when we pass away. I hope I did a good job! My companion said that I did good:) 

So the people that had us over for dinner on Father's day are the Bott's. They are the sweetest family and the mother reminds me so much of Mom. She is the sweetest and she is always concerned about keeping us hydrated and things like that:) she is so considerate of others. The dad is outgoing and fun and the two children are so sweet. Anyways, I am excited to get used to the area and get to know people! There are so many good people here. I love this area!! I hope you all have a great week!! I love you all:)

Sister Lindsay Dunn

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