Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Holli - June 2, 2015

Dear Mom, Dad, and Spencer,

Oh my gosh I have so much to tell you and my "shift" button doesn't work very well so my grammar may not be that good. The MTC is absolutely amazing. My comp. is Sis. Duncan - the girl who lived in my ward at provo for a year! We have so much in common and she is honestly the best comp. anyone could ask for. We are both going to the same exact mission and just bought CA Arcadia t-shirts so we're super pumped. The other sisters in our district are Sis. Martin and Sis. Conrad and they're going to Tampa, Florida. Awesome right?!  So Sis. Conrad is like Lindsay. She says the funniest things that just come out of nowhere. We now have a quote book specifically for Sis. Conrad :). 

 I saw Tyler yesterday and I see Lindsay and Chelsea around all the time and it's so nice! They both seem super happy - more happy than I've ever seen them. So we now have 6 days left at the MTC. The next time I write, I'll be out in the field. So much has happened. Sis. Duncan and I were made Sister Training Leaders over our district. The Elders in our district are amazing and so hilarious. So There used to be 4 elders but one went home on like day 3 because he hadn't resolved some issues at home. It was a really sad day for all of us. He went home friday so we decided we would fast for him, and the new district that was coming in this wednesday. (Tomorrow!! Ahhh!!) We started our fast at 9 friday night and ended it at 9 saturday night. Oh my gosh talk about weakness. We were so loopy by the end of the day! Saturday was Elder Nielson's birthday so by the end of our fast we sat at a table outside our residence hall and everyone just brought whatever junk food they had. Thank you to all those who sent me treats!  Those waffle donut thingy's - they saved our lives!!! We were so hungry! It was pretty funny because all of the other missionaries were watching us sit around a table piled high with donuts, cookies, carmels, chips, and cheese-its. 

So Elder Andrus and Elder Gordillo are our zone leaders. Elder Andrus is 6'10'' and played bball for BYU so he's pretty famous I guess. But he is the nicest guy. Elder Nielson is our district leader and he was the comp. to the Elder that went home so it hit him the hardest but he is the funniest guy. He's going to be a doctor someday. He's never been to college and he's a junior in college credit wise. He knows a lot about the human body - and now we do too :) The Elders have 6 investigators right now as opposed to our 3. Yesterday was our first time teaching two new investigators and it was rough. Sis. Duncan and I taught Hailey through skype in the morning and that was super rough. But we taught Lisa in the evening and it was much better.

We are learning so much here. I've seen a lot of people from our Provo ward and I saw Monica, my summer term roommate. It's pretty awesome. Everyone's so happy here - so full of the spirit - so right now there's no homesickness. And we've been so busy - we have class from 9-4 each day with lunch as our break so that's hard. Gym time is the best. None of us are runners except for Elder Nielson and Sis. Martin so everyday we just go to the field across the street and check out a frisbee and throw it to each other. It's so fun - it's my kind of excercise :) Which is awful because I'll probably get out in the field and get a companion who loves to run and I'll be dying behind her.

If you ever get the chance, look up "Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar - it honestly blew all of our minds when we watched it Sunday night. I think that's about it.  I honestly love my district - yesterday we spent a large part of personal and companion study watching Mormon Messages as a district. Best ever. Love you all so much!  :)

Sis. Dunn

My District

My comp. Sister Duncan

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  1. I found those 'Waffle Donut thing's' at looked like a good MTC survival treat. Looking forward to trying them when we're in Utah this summer. They may just be the new 'cro-nuts'!