Monday, June 15, 2015

Lindsay - June 15, 2015

Thank you Family for all the letters and packages!! Sophia, I LOVED your letter! It gave me so much comfort. :) I love you and all my cousins:)

So this week has gone by VERY slowly. I'm in the Tucson Northwest area and my companion and I cover two wards. There are so many less actives here, but not a lot of investigators. My companion Sister Mizell is from Georgia and she has a fiery personality! She is very sarcastic but in a good way! She has a thick accent which is so funny! When she pronounces "pillow" she says "pilla". Haha:) I love her accent. Sister Mizell is hitting the point in her mission when she just wants to go home.  She actually told me that she is like Elder Rodgers and I am like Elder Calhoun in The Best Two Years movie!  I have definitely learned patience this week. One of our elders in the zone said that our "pool of investigators here is bone dry". So it's really hard to feel like I'm doing a lot of work. Plus, our mission president doesn't encourage us to go tracting.  But our goal is to have 2 new investigators and 2 baptismal dates. I'm just hoping that we will follow up with that goal. I mean in our planning we have a great plan for the day but sometimes we don't visit as many as we could. Or we take 2 hours for lunch instead of one. I think many of the missionaries in my zone are more relaxed and casual. But I'm hoping that this experience will help me. Maybe we can turn this area around! You never know! The Lord can work miracles when we are obedient! 

In the MTC our "investigators" actually show up at the time we teach. In the mission field, so many people fall through with their appointments so it is hard to adjust to that. But I am learning! I know that every area is different so I'm excited to explore this wonderful mission of Tucson. The members here are wonderful! They are so supportive and they feed us mostly every night! Mom. The first night I was here we went to a members house for dinner. She provided fish tacos and they were delicious! And she had this pico de gallo topping that had corn, black beans, cilantro, and chopped onions. Oh my gosh I could have eaten 20 of those things! The food here is soooo good and the members are so nice and loving. Just by having that support, I know that if I have a bad day, they will make it so much better!

I still haven’t taught an investigator yet, but Sister Mizell has given me the responsibility to invite our investigators to be baptized!!! Ahhhhh!! I'm freaking out but the Lord will direct me! One of our investigators is named Diego. He had a hard time this week because someone close to him died and she was a less active. He told us that the church has helped him so much through that tough time so he seems interested even though he is Catholic! 

So I am hoping that this week goes by better! Thank you all for your prayers and support! I love you Mom and Dad and I am so grateful to have you in my life! I have heard of so many missionaries not having a solid and active family. I have been beyond blessed to have such an amazing family. Love you to the moon and back! I have felt so much love this week and I am so grateful that I have you as my celestial family.

- Sister Lindsay Dunn

This was my MTC District and they were like family to me!

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