Monday, June 29, 2015

Taylor - June 29, 2015

Hey! So this week was a little bit tougher, I think we were struggling to get that "fire" going especially when knocking. We did see some miracles through our faith though! We were knocking in an area that we had prayed about and chose to go but after a while we felt like we needed to go somewhere else. We got in the car and had a couple options to choose from and we prayed and felt we should go to a certain spot. We got out of the car and the first door we knocked we found Juan and Jose! Juan is a member that just moved from the Cayman Islands like 8 days ago to live with his cousin Jose who is not a member. We sat down and talked with them, (they both speak fluent Spanish) and we shared the "Because He Lives" video which they really liked. Juan had been looking for a church building to go to and turns out he was really close to ours. Jose said he had to work on Sunday though so he couldn't attend but we are excited to work with them and see if we can really get Juan to motivate Jose to come to church! 

We also met this super boss woman named Olga who's mom died about 4 years ago and she was a member. Olga straight up committed herself to come to church the next day which made us excited! On Sunday though she had a surprise visit from family so she couldn't come. We are hoping to stop by and see if she really has high desires to become a member as well! 

So, I truly have a testimony that as we show our faith in God he will help guide us and we will see miracles! Through my mission, a huge struggle in every place I've been is increasing my faith. I feel like I trust the Lord and definitely have faith that he's there and that he can help us, but I always ask myself, do I really have faith enough in Him to help me change people's hearts and help them come into the fold of God? As a missionary I'm constantly working on increasing that faith. As well as love and having charity for everyone, as you know without charity we are nothing. Out in the mission field the same rule applies. Without charity we cannot help people come closer to Christ because they will not feel our love for them. They won't be able to feel the spirit. Anyways I don't know why I'm dragging on about this....
As far as the trio, Elder Wolfe got an emergency transfer to Immokalee because an Elder had to go home for knee surgery. Immokalee is definitely going to be a shock for him because there's not a lot out there. It's kinda in the middle of the everglades. Plus there aren't that many Cubans either and he's going to be greeny breaking someone, but I'm sure he will love it!  We were the only trio in the mission so something was bound to happen. Haha I think Elder Nielsen is depressed because there's less people in the house and in a two man apartment, it's a little quiet. Hopefully he will overcome that soon haha.  I'm enjoying the Spanish, I definitely need to improve but it's going good! 

Hey! Sounds like it was a pretty fun week with Spencer's surprise bday party, I bet he loved it! Man the taco bell sounds good although I think I'm getting a little tired if it now haha. My favorite meal this week was fish and arroz con gris. It had maduros as well which is like cooked bananas which for some reason I really just don't like (even though I can eat bananas just fine!) Luckily Elder Wolfe hates fish so we did a little secret trade off ;) 

Yes, It's pretty toasty, it hit 100 degrees and it's nice and humid too, it's great! We are running a good amount and we are up to 6 laps so that's good :) it's still not quite enough for my liking, plus the sisters run 10 laps each morning so I'm trying to use that against Elder Nielsen to get him motivated to run more ;)  We definitely aren't eating out as much in our new area which is nice! When we aren't fed which is rare, I eat apples and peanut butter or sandwiches, ramen, salad, I even ate Triscuits with salami and cheese which was pretty good. 

Sounds like it was a pretty good week! Sounds like Josh Holt did an awesome job, I bet he's pretty excited! Anyways I hope we can get the fire started in Hialeah West this week! Love you Mom and Dad thanks for the email!

Elder Dunn

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