Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Taylor - June 1, 2015

So it was pretty good week, we had a little more success than last week! Elder Nelson and Elder Scutt found us the Hernandez family and we taught the wife Beatrice and her 11 year old daughter Janet. It went well and they said they would come to church, unfortunately they didn't and we went to follow up but the mom was taking a shower and the daughter said she didn't know why they didn't go... we'll work on that! :)

We're really trying to increase the size of our teaching pool so we can get members out with us and teach them!  Hopefully having Luke Worthington's farewell on Sunday might spark people towards missionary work because that was all the talks were on Sunday! Oh ya, Luke plays on the BYU basketball team. We ate at their house a couple weeks ago. They're a pretty chill family! 

The weeks are tough a lot of the time though because Satan is continually throwing in anything he can to try to hinder the work and it is hard. That is why we need to show our faith and love for the Lord. We HAVE to give it our all and then the Lord will compensate. It is like the story about the man that God commanded to push against a rock every day. The man kept pushing the rock every single day but it did not move one single bit.  Satan was tempting him, telling him that he is not strong enough and that all of his efforts were not enough!  One day the man goes to God in prayer and tells him that he is trying his best to move the rock, but it hasn't moved...he even asks God what he is doing wrong?!  God tells him that he simply told the man to PUSH against the rock, not to move it. And because of that, the man had become strong, had built his muscles, and his “strength."  God then said "NOW I WILL MOVE THE ROCK"!…. So, God has commanded us to serve, with all our heart, might, mind, and strength, to try to do our very best every day!

So at the zone conference we had hurricane training. They had this guy who is over like 4 or 5 missions come in and talk to us. He used to be in the military. It was hilarious he was literally telling us what to do in the worst possible situation, I think it scared a lot of missionaries especially because he made it sound that it is likely going to happen. Do you know there is a 33 percent chance of a category 4 or 5 hurricane happening in Florida? Okay don't freak out too much though haha. Sister Richardson kinda talked it down a bit so people calmed down.  I just thought it was funny! 

The AP's did really emphasize getting 100 baptisms in the month of May. We want to be a mission that is consistently successful and doesn't always have drop offs. June should be an awesome month! It is pretty fun getting together with everyone at zone conferences, I really enjoy it! I saw a few of my past companions. Elder Sandoval was there and we hung for a little bit, Elder Griffiths and Fisher were there so that was cool! Also Elder Carver was there, I just can't believe he's going home next transfer, it's crazy!! 

As a side note, I should tell you that I have to play piano for everything on my mission! I have to play for baptisms, district training, zone conferences and transfer meetings! I always freak out but it's super fun and I'm glad I had a great mom who taught me how to play, even with tons of complaining ;) Oh, and it has been quite stormy the past few weeks so we come home soaked quite a lot! The lightning is beautiful though.  Once a storm passes over you can still see the forks of lightning from miles away but there's no thunder or anything so it just lights up the sky with awesome purple lightning. It's so cool! 

Sounds like an emotional week at home. Keep hangin in there with the girls gone. The Lord knows what you're going through! I'm glad you had a little bit of a busy week to keep you distracted! I'm just super happy that the girls all decided to serve.  I'm super excited to see how the Lord will mold them! Well, I love ya!

Elder Dunn

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