Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Chelsea - June 20, 2015

Happy Fathers day dad!!!! I hope you have a super fantastic day full of relaxation and amazing food! I really wish I could be there! Thanks for being there for me and for your support! You are one great dad :)

This week was such a good week! Everyday, I noticed so many tender mercies and blessings. One of the biggest blessing for me is my kasama. I love her so much and she literally makes me want to become like Christ! My favorite part about us is honesty and communication. That's definitely been a blessing because we've seen the other companionships struggle because of a lack of communication. Last week we both went to the temple in search of how we can progress and this week we are going to the temple with hearts full of gratitude for our Heavenly Father. Having a companion that you love and that becomes your best friend is such a tender mercy. Mondays are my favorite because we we get a lot of additional study time. At this time of year, it's so nice outside so we just study there for a couple of hours. Two girls came to sit with us and they are both learning Portuguese and going to Africa. One of the girls told us that they could only bring one suitcase that is 44 lbs. And I thought I had it bad! 

The new districts have been way fun to get to know. Apparently, I kinda look like one of them. Her name is Sister Bishoff and she is literally hilarious. But anyways, I was walking in the cafeteria and some guy was like Bishoff! And I didn't think he was talking to me so I just walked away! Haha I have gotten that twice now. Like people, seriously get it right! The other district I don't know as well. They keep to themselves and they don't come to gym time so it's been hard. And then the other district would blast out country music in their room. The rule in the MTC says you can't even play music at all, even if its Sunday music. So it was super awkward going into their room and telling them to turn it off. Oh well! Another funny thing is that one of the girls has sort of a hygiene problem. She doesn't shower very much and doesn't really do laundry and she takes her shoes off in class-haha my kasama sits right next to her and she cant even breathe. Haha its so bad. So last night, Sister E created a diversion and I grabbed this lysol spray from the bathroom and just sprayed her shoes. Sister E was so annoyed that she asked a girl who is close to her, to talk about hygiene- so she showered that night and the other girl lended her some shoe spray! So that problem is solved! 

So TRC was amazing this week! We taught two new people and we were able to teach a powerful message about endurance. The only awkward thing that happened was we thought Steven was married, so we asked him how his wife and kids were and he was like uhh... I'm not even married. HAHA we literally have moments like that all the time. Other than that though, lessons have gone by pretty well. We have three investigators and we do one lesson a day, so not too bad. What really has been frustrating is that we can't say what we want to say. We always plan a lesson but rarely ever use it because usually the investigators needs are different. So we go in to the lesson, not looking at our notes and just try to speak. One of the hardest things is saying what the Spirit is telling us to say. Whenever we feel strongly about saying something, we usually can't say it which is such a frustration! But Brother Kaka said to just work on our Tagalog and it will be easier to speak by the Spirit. The language is coming okay. Sister Porter and I have had a lot of coaching by the teachers which has been really great. One of my favorite coaching sessions is when they take us out in the hall and just give us a sentence in English and tell us to translate it in Tagalog. It's a pretty slow process, but it works!

Oh and Mother thank you so much for the package!!!!!! I know you probably had to go to a couple different stores to find those things. It means a lot! I almost cried when I pulled out the dried fruit. The food here has been messing with our system. Like literally every day they have hamburgers and fries and salad. So I'm making a goal to be super healthy here. I also did such a good work out yesterday. I did the machines, elipitcal, and running by myself while everyone played volleyball. I like playing volleyball but everyone just kinda stands around and doesn't do anything. But what's really nice is that by the machines, they have a window and I can see Holli's dorm and all of Provo. I almost cried. It's weird to think that there is a world outside of the mtc haha. 

 Anyways, that's about it for the week! I loved reading your letters! I only have about five minutes left of my email time! And I only wrote one person before you.. It's so sad because I can't even email anybody. Oh well! It's been good for me. I'll print out your letters and respond to them by letter! haha. I hope you guys have an amazing week! Thanks so much for all of you who send packages and letters! It's seriously the best! 

Love you all!

Sister Dunn

My kasama and I with one of our teachers Sister Bates

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