Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Holli - June 8, 2015

Hey family!

Thank you for all your dearelders and packages. I seriously have so much food right now I feel like an oompa loompa. I am staying away from a scale! (It kind of helps that there aren't any here at the MTC). Man it's been a great week. It flew by super fast. We head out tomorrow morning at 3:35 am. Yes, that's a.m. We are leaving and taking a bus to get to the frontrunner and then we'll go into salt lake and take the trax from slc to the airport. Party right? Our flight leaves at 8:45 so Sis. Duncan and I will probably be calling home between 7 and 8. May be earlier, maybe later but yeah, that's the closest estimate.

It's been an amazing week but yesterday I caught what our whole district had a few days ago. Insanely sore throat, fever, body aches, ugghh!! Today in class Sis. Duncan started feeling the effects. As we were walking out of class she said, "We are quite the pair." Haha, yep. So when we meet our Mission Pres. tomorrow we might have to bump elbows so we don't get him sick. Haha jk. 

We had a great devotional Sunday and a pretty fun day. The Tanner's spoke to us. It was fast Sunday too and we had a very emotional testimony meeting.  I shared the experience of Bro. Carter’s accident which really hit me and I just basically thanked the missionaries. So many of them are sacrificing and leaving families that are going inactive or trying to be examples for older siblings. I told them that I had been super blessed to have been born in the church with a solid family and extended family. I don't know how many missionaries can claim that blessing. Even Sis. Duncan has tons of relatives, as she calls it, "so inactive they forgot they were even members." Makes me sad but happy that I can go out and share the things that bring me the greatest happiness.

We finished teaching our TRC's friday. One investigator was our teacher so it's hard to be like totally serious with that. Our other TRC was over skype (Hailey) and she was just super hard to teach. Lisa was our favorite.  We are learning so much. 

Dad, thank you so much for your dearelder letter. It seriously made my day. It's bad to say but the Elders are so jealous of Sis. Duncan and I. She gets like 3 dearelders a day from her fam. and I get all the packages. But they're awesome elders. So I guess Luke Worthington (who just left from the ward you are serving in Taylor) and Ryan Andrus will both be playing on BYU's bball team. Taylor, we totally have connections. That is so cool!

Gotta go but I'll write you soon, hopefully!! Love you all so much!

Love, Sis. Dunn

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