Monday, June 15, 2015

Taylor - June 15, 2015

So what happened on transfers this week?.... drumroll please..... I got put into a trio and I'm serving in Hialeah! Hialeah is one of the most Spanish areas in the mission, woot woot! Ya so it's boss! I'm serving with Elder Wolfe and Elder Nielsen! Elder Wolfe was in a different district in the Mexico MTC so I saw him a little bit up there. Elder Nielsen is from the Tampa mission. They are both super boss! Elder Nielsen is the District leader and he is a super hard worker and is always looking to improve. Elder Wolfe used to be a little crazier than he is now.  He's still crazy but funny and he is also a hard worker and loves missionary work! I'm excited to work with them! Oh and we've all been out on the mish for the exact same time which is cool!   

Hermana Alcazar and Hermana Moise are the sisters in our ward. We are Hialeah West and they are Hialeah East, and they are boss sisters! They both are fluent in Spanish, Hermana Alcazar is from Mexico and Hermana Moise is from Spain but she is Haitian so she speaks Creole, Spanish, and is working on her English. The ward is purely Spanish, so on the bright side no one has to translate anything!   I'm super pumped to be in an all Spanish area and to improve my Spanish! Our ward mission leader doesn't even speak a lick of English, so ya I'm going to have to work on it! Luckily I'm actually not doing too bad with the Spanish, everything is going quite well. I can understand and get my point across well enough! When talking to people you just have to go and do it, it gets easier as you get to the point of where you don't think about it.

I can't believe I missed Elder Oaks!! Soo lucky. Was Dad sweatin it during the prayer? Was it the best prayer he's ever said in his life?! Haha. Ya glad Grandpa is Ok. He is a trooper, I hope I will be able to be as healthy as him when I get old because I definitely don't want to be in a retirement home! Man it seems like so many people are leaving and coming back from missions, it's crazy! Ya you told me about Janie, it's super awesome that she decided to go! Ah man Spencer broke McKay Grange's arm haha jk! 

When we run into tough times we just have to look for the little miracles that we might not even notice! One miracle we saw this week was on Saturday where we were really trying to get some people to commit to church and we stopped by a family that had been former investigators, we invited them to church and they said they would! So the next day they showed up at church and they really liked it! So that was super cool, it was a family of four. 

Also we had another cool miracle this week! We stopped by a less active's house but she wasn't there, her brother was though! So we took advantage of the opportunity and taught him. He has met with missionaries before, and we shared the "because he lives" video and he really liked it! He wants to start coming to church with his sister and come closer to our Heavenly Father! We are seeing him today with a member so that should be cool, hopefully his sister will be there as well! 

So this week it was a little difficult on the finding people portion. We weren't able to find many people but we are deciding to really pray about places to find and agree together on where we feel we should go. We might even have a little devotional and sing a song or share a scripture before we go out and knock so that we can be pumped up. 

By the way I have made a resolution to take more pictures and carry my camera around with me more. So next week I will be sending you some because I don't have a lot of pics yet ;) And ya I will definitely continue praying por mis hermanas! Haha Puedo escribir el resto de mi email en espanol. Haha jk! 

Oh and I had to play the piano at transfer meeting, of course I did, I should have expected it! So ya I played Let Us All Press On which I didn't really know but it was easy enough.  Then at the end of every transfer meeting it's always the Army of Heleman song in the primary hymn book. I love that song, though it was on one sheet of paper and it was double sided so I had to flip it over like 6 times, fue horrible! Anyways, I love you Mom and Dad, have a great week!

Elder Dunn

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