Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lindsay - July 13, 2015

Dear Mom,

Sorry I didn't email earlier but we got up at 5:30 in the morning to
go on a hike. I'm not even kidding you, I almost got heat exhaustion!! I brought a lot of water, but I get dehydrated fast so it was tough! We were literally climbing on our hands and knees to get up the mountain of rocks! It was a great view though! One time during the hike, we got off trail and we were literally climbing up so many rocks to get up on the right trail! It isn't paved very good for about 3/4 of the hike so I just followed those that were in front of me:) (the hike is called Sombrero). It took 2 hours to get up and 2 hours to get down. Whew! It was hard, and HOT!!! I'm never going hiking in Arizona again! We were so dead by the end! But it's ok, it was an adventure!!!!

So this week we visited a lot of less actives and we did a lot of
service projects. On Wednesday we had a zone meeting. It was really good, and we had a lot of participation throughout the meeting. Thursday's for us are kind of slow because no one is home but we came in contact with some of them and we have returning appointments this week! On Friday we went to the Blanco's and painted their kitchen! It took a long time but it was fun!! I seriously love our area!! The people are so sweet and I love getting to know all of them! 

Sunday was a great day! We went to many meetings and enjoyed our time learning more about this gospel. I seriously love the Gospel Principles class!! It is so nice to just learn about the basics and strengthen my testimony of the gospel. I love my mission! It is so hard, but I have learned so many things while I have been here: I have learned patience, I have learned how to have true charity towards others, and I have learned that my testimony is so vital to hastening the work of the Lord. I truly believe that when I bear my testimony of this gospel, that is when I feel the Spirit the most. I am so grateful to be a missionary, and to share the light of the gospel with others! Thank you for your prayers and encouragement! I love you all!!!

Much love,
Sister Dunn

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