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Chelsea - February 22, 2016

my favorite!!!!!! cherlyn! We visit their family every week! But so sad, cause shes going back to manila with her hubby today until july! And I will probably be transferred! She is coming home because her baby is due in August. Def going to miss her! We had a ton of laughs!!  caption


FHE with Ramos! Yes, I look like a giant

Kumusta po kayo lahat?! This week was good! We were supposed to get our support money on Monday and there was none! Apparently, it was a holiday in America… so we didn't get it till Wednesday night! We all literally starved, haha especially the other sisters because they didn’t have any rice… they were so depressed haha. 

So on tuesday night, Sister Clarin and I went to our farthest area for an fhe. After the fhe, we waited on the highway for a van and it was already 8 o clock. Usually there are no vans after 8. And we only had 10 pesos each so we couldnt afford a tricie. and we were kinda freaking out. But then a member came by on his tricie and took us to another area that is closer. And then we waited at the other area for like 30 minutes and it was 8:30 and we were freaking out! Haha but then a police tricy came by and totally took us to Alinguigan for free! Missionaries are definitely blessed out here! 

So we have a whole batch of new investigators! We found a girl, Digna, in one of our areas-Capo. We found out that she has three siblings who are mormon, and two served missions. She has been taught by the missionaries before too. So we are definitely focusing on her this week. She has so many questions and I definitely feel she’s being prepared by the Lord. Our next baptism coming up is March 15. Her name is Krizel, she's 9 years old, and she is a child of a member here. So we are just teaching her because she is already 9 years old. But she's great! And then the miracle story of the week: Yesterday, a middle aged guy comes into the church with his two kids, and another 20 year old guy. We got to know them after sacrament meeting. It turns out that his wife is in Hong Kong working right now and she’s getting taught by the missionaries over there. She is also planning on getting baptized in March. So She told her husband to go to the mormon church in Alinguigan. And they came and we just taught them earlier, and they are super awesome and we extended a baptismal date!!! Ahhhh!!! We finally found a family!!! We are super excited about teaching them. 

Basically one nanay told me this week "Tumaba ka talaga sister. Hindi ganoon yung katawan mo noong dumating ka dito" (youve gotten really fat. Your body was not like that when you first came here) I was like, well thanks a lot nay! Thats really nice! HAHA! And then the next appointment, one of the members was like, sister you’ve gotten really skinny here. I was like what in the heck people make a choice! I think I remember Sister Mariano saying it’s just a conversation starter for people. Wow. Haha pretty funny.

So we were tracting in Minabang, an area in the middle of nowhere, and we walked at the back of this house, and I see a white guy! And the first thing he said was, hey wait, I know you guys, you’re the mormon missionaries! My mom’s a mormon, I was baptized when I was 8, and I want to hear nothing more about mormons. I was like, woooaahhh! Like he kinda yelled it too and I was freaking out! But then we got talking and it was all right. But he was such a jerk. He says that he hates americans, he called them a bunch of bad words. He was like I mean, the women are nice, like you, but the guys are all jerks. I was like well okay sir, you have a nice day! 

Spiritual experience of the week: We contacted this nanay and she really couldn’t speak tagalog. We had to keep repeating the same questions over and over again. But she agreed to let us teach her. But oh man, I was nervous because she literally couldn’t understand. And my accent isn’t perfect in tagalog! So I prayed real hard asking heavenly father for the gift of tongues, and that this lady might be able to understand me and be touched. So when it was my turn to speak, the words just fell out of my mouth, like I didn’t even have to think about what I was saying, and every word I said I could tell was in a perfect tagalog accent. That definitely strengthened my testimony. I know that we are instruments in the Lord’s hands to help bring others to the truth. 

Last thing: I ate dog this week people!!!! We were at a less actives house, and she was like, sister do you want to try dog? Our neighbor just grilled some and brought some over. So I tried dog! It actually was pretty delicious, not gonna lie! Haha but definitely got a little sick after. Most Filipinos don’t like dog either. Apparently there are a ton of diseases. Even if you cook dog, if you put it in the refrigerator the next day, there will be worms all over the place. hahaha. Definitely an adventure here in the Philippines! Sorry this letter was so long! Mahal ko po kayo lahat! Ingat kayo lagi

Sister Dunn

Sister Balaoing’s investigator!

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