Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lindsay - March 28, 2016

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you had a wonderful day! This week was good! We had an awesome experience this week! So every week we see Gayle. She is preparing to go to the temple. She referred us to stop by and see an old lady (Sister Polluck) in the ward, and so the next day we did. Then she referred us to another old lady to see, (Sister Miller). So we saw her the next day, and guess what?? She referred us to another lady who is a recent convert, but hasn't returned to church in a while!!! So we are going to see her this upcoming week! What a domino effect! It is so amazing to be led to so many faithful women despite their health challenges!!

We have been seeing Roxy a lot lately and she is doing so well! Satan is working really hard on her! She is working on obeying the Word of Wisdom completely, and so far she has quit smoking!! So we are praying that the challenges she is facing will strengthen her faith. On Thursday we witnessed a miracle! So Frank and Chelsea are some people we have been working with for a while. Frank is a recent convert, and Chelsea is investigating the church. But the unfortunate thing is that Chelsea is really really lazy. She literally sleeps all day! So we are trying to see if she even sees her purpose in life. We finally caught both of them at home! Usually when we come over, Frank is working on his cars, and Chelsea is a sleep. So..... when we knocked on their door, and Chels answered the door, I was totally taken aback! So we taught them both about hope. We asked Chelsea what she wants to do in the future. She told us that she had never thought about that before. So I asked her, "Chelsea, do you want to have a strong family? Do you want to have a stronger relationship with God?" She nodded her head to both questions! So I said, "There you go! You do have some goals that you want to reach!" You really have to dig in to what Chelsea is thinking cause she is pretty quiet, but when you ask the right questions (by the Spirit), then she opens up! It is great!

On Friday we went to see the Gilberts. The wife is a member, and the husband is a member, but he hasn't received the priesthood. So we are teaching him the lessons so that he can be prepared to receive that and then go to the temple. I am going to honestly say that he is the most stubborn, hard hearted, bluntly honest man I have ever met. He is very picky about who he accepts into his home. He fought in Vietnam, and he experienced some things there that weren't good. He has a hard time forgiving himself of the things he has done. When we started teaching him the Restoration, we got onto the topic of Joseph Smith. We asked Brother Gilbert how he would feel if he saw God and Jesus Christ. He told us that he would ask the question, "Why do you let other people kill each other? Why can't you come down and stop it?" In every lesson we have with him, it is so hard to know what to say. Towards the end of the lesson, he started talking about his past experiences in the war. He started crying, and it was so painful for me to watch. I literally started crying in the lesson. It was very excruciating for me. I don't know why, but for some reason I felt his pain. Sister Steele was very bold, and upfront with him. It was good because he is pretty blunt too. He wants answers from the Lord. He literally needs a kick in the bum to get him going. But he hasn't prayed. And so we made it pretty clear that he needs to pray so that he can receive those answers. Sister Gilbert talked to us and said that us being there to help him is a kick in the bum to get going! haha:) But he is pretty hard hearted, so he doesn't recognize that. It will be a tough challenge, but we are going to help him until he finally forgives himself and accepts what has happened in the past.

On Sunday, we had a wonderful day! We went to church all day, which was amazing! Then we had a lesson with Devan finally at the Hargis home! We set a new baptismal date, and we are going to meet with him every week so that we can help him be prepared for baptism! We then had Easter dinner with the Hargis family! They are the sweetest family! Some of the Fox family kids were there so that was fun. We had an awesome discussion on missionary work because some of the kids are going on missions. So it was really good to help them and answer their questions. That was my week! I love you all!


Sister Dunn

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