Monday, March 7, 2016

Holli - February 29, 2016

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful week! We've had a pretty great week here
in Arcadia.

Ok so we've been working with Yiwei and Amanda since September and
we've been trying to set them on date. They are super solid and
because they are so solid the members don't want us pushing a date but
we felt impressed that we needed to. The concern that was holding them
back is that they feel they don't know enough to be baptized. We were
able to meet with Amanda before Stake Conference yesterday and we had
a member of our Stake Presidency come to the lesson with us. His name
is President Yen and he is from Taiwan just like Amanda and Yiwei so
Amanda voiced more of her concerns and questions to him and the
Chinese Elders. Sister Barney and I sat there the whole time trying to
pick out the little Chinese we knew. 

Haha, President Yen started talking and I was praying so hard for the
gift of tongues (because obviously it was working for Chelsea) and
then I heard him say Faith, repentance, baptism etc. and I was like
hallelujah - and then I realized he had actually said that in English
. . .

Haha and at the end of the lesson Elder Chen asked us if we had set
them on date yet. We told him we had been trying for several months so
he just walked up to her, pulled out his iPad calendar and started
talking in rapid fire Chinese and the next thing we knew he told us
she was on date for the 20th of March. 😢😧 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

We are volunteering at this Health and Rehabilitation center and it's
an interesting experience. We thought we'd go around the rooms and
maybe offer to sing a hymn or share a thought. Well the activities
director Gabe suggested we go visit this lady named Grace. Grace was
an interesting gal. She had had cancer but refused treatment - the
doctors had given her 4 months back in 2012. Basically she told us she
was just waiting for the Lord to take her. She is very firmly attached
to her church however and made it very clear as soon as we walked in
that she would never ever join the Mormon church. She had been reading
some anti material and gotten some bad information - so it was kind of
hard to hear her spouting off about it. However once we started
talking about our common belief in Jesus Christ the Spirit filled the
room and we were able to sing Nearer my God to thee. We left the
Spirit in that room and hopefully in her heart.

On Saturday we had to do another missionary for a day so another girl
named Hannah was with us. Super sweet girl who is going to be a bomb
missionary. We didn't have lots offset appointments so we walked a lot
and did a lot of street contacting and we dropped by a few people and
Hannah was such a trooper! We had her bear her testimony to one of our
investigators and she did a great job.

We had a really interesting lesson with this man named David. We gave
him a church tour and after the church tour he had us sit down and
just fired questions at us. It was pretty interesting! He is a very
educated businessman who has researched a lot of religions and studied
a lot of different things and he is particularly fascinated by our
religion. He told us there is not much of a chance that he'll ever
become Mormon but he admires them and thinks that there should be more
Mormon's in the world. He sees a lot of the outward blessings the Lord
pours out on those who keep all of his commandments. He knows the
Bible really well but has never studied the Book of Mormon. We asked
him if he would like a copy but he said no, which we thought was
interesting. Anyway, we are meeting with him in a few weeks. He said
the thing keeping him from progressing in the church is his issue with
tithing. It was a really cool experience though because the minute we
walked into the chapel there was this instant peace and the Spirit was
definitely there throughout our meeting so we hope he felt it and will
remember it!

We had such an amazing lesson with the Parks one night. They invited
Yiwei and Amanda, Joe (our recent convert), and Joe's aunt and uncle
who are very atheist. We had a wonderful dinner and then just got to
talking. Joe's uncle (Lance) is a very smart businessman. (Ok, like
everyone in Arcadia is super smart, super rich, and super
intimidating) so Lance and Brother Park were talking about stuff that
just flew over our heads and finally at the end of the conversation
they asked us to share a thought. Luckily we had preplanned our
thought on faith and showed a little message about Christlike
attributes and having the faith to follow Christ. The Spirit was very
strong - so even though we're just two 20 year old girls with little
experience in the world, the Spirit testified through the Parks and us
that the things we knew were good and true so hopefully Joe's uncle
and aunt felt that!

I think that's about it for this week in Arcadia! Thank you so much
for all of your prayers and support! Hope this next week is a good

Love, Sister Dunn

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