Thursday, March 31, 2016

Taylor - March 21, 2016

Hey! Sounds like the week was good. Good upsets in March Madness. That sounds awesome! Sounds like the trip to Utah will be fun. Aww man the spaghetti factory sooo good! Spence is a champ! I don't know if I want to play tennis with him when I get back. He'll kill me! ;)  Nice scriptures Dad. Ya I need to work on my memorization of scriptures in Spanish to be able to share those, but even then people with hard hearts won't accept it or will find a way to refute it. But asi es la vida de un misionero! 

This week was a good but tough week! It was definitely a battle to find people at the end of the week. We started off good and found some awesome people but they eventually chose not to continue which was sad, but we can't force people to accept the gospel. We are working on being personable with people and truly finding their individual needs and desires better. We were really bold in inviting everyone to come closer to Christ and follow his example but we truly need to find their desires and take an interest in them. We know for sure that the gospel can help everyone no matter the situation. When we tie in the gospel to their needs and desires and also personalize it to our own lives, I think we have a lot better of a chance to bring the gospel unto the hearts of the people and help them realize how the gospel can bless them. Haha I do feel like I've gotten quite awkward on the mission and all I know how to talk about is the gospel, and soooo that makes being personable a little difficult but hey we're going to give it a shot. It's pretty easy to do it with latins. Just find a joke according to where they are from and they are instantly your best friend. For example if you ask a Nicaraguan if they eat iguanas and where do you purchase them they will bust up laughing. It's great!

Anyway we are working with Cira who is progressing towards her baptism on the 31st. We're super excited for that! We gave her a chapel tour this last week and she liked it a lot so that was great! We have a lot of finding coming up but we are excited and just hope to be successful tools in the hands of the Lord! Well that's about it. I need to take more pictures I know. I'm just soo terrible at it! I'll work on it this week!

Love you guys, stay safe and have fun!

Elder Dunn

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