Monday, March 7, 2016

Holli - March 7, 2016

Hello Everyone!

We had a pretty crazy week this week!

We had exchanges on Saturday and they are trying this new experiment
where they took both companions into the leader's area and just do
work there. So Sister Barney and I went to El Monte and it was super
fun! I went with Sister Murdock and we had a couple fun lessons - poor
Sister Murdock had to do most of the teaching as it was en espaƱol.
Pero, I got to say a couple prayers in Spanish so that was pretty fun
too :) Haha, Sister Barney actually wrote President a few weeks ago
and told him she would love to be transferred into Spanish work. It's
pretty cool.

We also had this big mission training conference on an event that is
happening in a month. Gladys Knight is bringing her Grammy award
winning choir (Saints Unified Voices) to Arcadia and it's going to be
this huge event! There's going to be lots of singing and then she and
her family are going to share their testimonies and their conversion
stories. Such a great missionary tool! So we are trying to spread the
word as fast as we can! The only way people can get tickets is through
the missionaries or the Ward mission leaders. Members have to sign up
with a nonmember friend to bring in order to get first shot at
tickets. We are super pumped for this!

We were sitting at the bus stop this week and usually the bus comes
about every fifteen minutes but we had been waiting for close to 45
minutes and this lady walks up to sit by us and wait for the bus too.
We started talking and she started telling us her story and it was
pretty insane. She had been through a lot of hard things in her life
and was starting to make a turn around but because of her choices, she
was going through a lot of trials. We didn't have much time to talk
since the bus came (great timing haha) and we didn't have to be on the
bus for long but we ended up giving her our card and telling her a bit
about our message. She knew going back to church was important for her
and she had been going to this one church but she hadn't really gone
consistently. Anyways, we hope she gets back on track soon! It was a
really cool experience.

We were riding back home on the bus when we started talking to this
one lady who the Elders had contacted the day before. She said they
had told her a lot of things about the Mormon church but she seemed
pretty interested so it was good to follow up!

We met this amazing lady named Kristy tracting one night. She has
three cute kids and we've been starting to teach her. Kristy grew up
with a basic Catholic background but other than a belief in God, she
doesn't really know much else. Shaun was telling us all about Jesus
Christ and when how on the third day he said he came back to life but
he didn't know what he came back to life as. We talked about the
Resurrection and he pulled out his big scholastic dictionary to find
the definition of the word. It was super cool! Unfortunately it wasn't
in there but we got to explain a little bit about that. And then, the
best moment ever, was when we taught them how to pray. The kids are
kind of rambunctious and during the lesson the little girls were
playing with toys and not paying attention but we said a prayer at the
beginning and showed them how and then Nyla (the four year old girl)
volunteered to say the closing prayer. So she sat on the couch and
folded her arms and scrunched up her eyes and then Sister Barney
basically told her what to say but it was the cutest thing ever!!!

Sunday was kind of a roller coaster of emotions. It was fast and
testimony meeting and I about had a heart attack (like the good kind)
when our little recent convert Tyler got up to bear her testimony.
Tyler and Morgan were baptized back in September, when I first got
here, and it was hard to get Tyler to say the closing prayer when it
was just us in the room let alone get up in church and bear her
testimony! I was super stunned but so happy! Then her mother, who has
been less active for a long time got up at the end of the meeting and
bore her testimony because she felt inspired by her daughter. It was
really cool seeing that!

We also had a lesson with Yiwei and Amanda and there had been a
miscommunication between Amanda and Yiwei about the baptismal date so
needless to say they want to get baptized but they probably won't get
baptized on the 20th. Super hard but they have such a great desire to
be baptized and receive the blessings because they feel the church is
a really good place and something really good for them to join.

That's about it from here in Arcadia! Hope everyone is doing well!
Thank you so much for all of your love and support!

Love, Sister Dunn

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