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Chelsea - February 29, 2016

I'm training! Sister Elix
Sister Majerano!

Hello everyone! 

Wow what a week!!! So on Tuesday, we had the opportunity to have zone conference in Tuegue! It was so fun being down there! It reminds me of Manila, theres so many people and vehicles and we totally got lost going to the chapel haha. But the zone conference was amazing. Definitely a lot of inspiration. One thing I really liked that President Rahlf said was, bloom where you are planted. Whatever the situation is, whether you like it or not, bloom! Do the best you can with the situation you got! He also talked about Joseph of Egypt and how he was sold as a slave, he had no way of communicating with his fam, he was in prison, but he decided he would be the best slave he could be. And because of that, he gained favor with the king, and was blessed in the end. I definitely needed to hear that, especially when President Rahlf told me I would be training this week!  I felt scared, and insecure and just felt that I couldn’t do it. But when President Rahlf said those things, I realized that the Lord was aware of my situation, and that I need to turn to him and be the best trainer I could be and not give up.

So, our new comp is Sister Elix! She's super bold, definitely has that missionary spirit and just wants to work! She has definitely reminded me of my purpose and how great this work is! I’m definitely excited to watch her grow and become an amazing missionary. What I love about her is that she has a sense of time! She always is on the move and said that she doesn't like to just sit for no reason. I was like, are you even filipino??? haha! 

So Wednesday, we went to the mission home! And guess what? As we entered the mission office, I saw this person sitting on the couch with curly hair and I was like no way! It was sister Turley, my MTC comp! We both like had a freak out, hugged and cried!! Haha definitely such a good moment this week, especially cause I haven't seen her since august! She is doing super good! Definitely so fun to catch up! haha. After that, we headed to the airport to pick up sister elix. Then we went back to the mission home and had some training and then ate KFC. I was dying!!!! Then the housing elders drove us back to our apartment. Elder Navarro and Elder Pandaog. So fun!! Elder Pandaog is my tatay in the mission and Elder Navarro lives in Nampa! So super fun! Elder Pandaog was like grabi anak, magaling ka na magtagalog! sobrang masaya ako ngayon! HAHA! (This is Chris…translation “Serious child…your tagalog is better. I am so happy today”…or something like that.  Love Google translate)

We also had splits this week! I was with Sister Ferguson and Sister Elix! Sister Ferguson is awesome! She is super in tune with the spirit and her example reminded me that I need to slow down with my tagalog and really let the spirit into the lessons. When she teaches, she really thinks about things and says them, but me, I just like to say it and have no pauses because that’s awkward! It was a really good split!

Overall, it was probably the most hectic week I’ve ever had. But the Lord was definitely aware of me the whole time, and I knew he was right beside me helping me. Thanks for all your prayers. I love you all :)

Sister Dunn

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